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Angels Guide to Affordable London Gentlemen’s Entertainment

We thought long and hard about the title of this article. We figured it was prudent to make it “affordable” entertainment, and then at a later date we can always do another can’t we? Besides, we’re talking about strip clubs today. And there is a massive difference between them believe us. If you talk about strip clubs like Platinum Lace for example, you have to talk about the price and how adept the girls are at literally cleaning out a guy. In some cases the girls are able to take more from a guy for a lap dance than one of our London escorts would for an hour of her time!

Getting ripped off

We have actually head stories about guys being ushered to the cash machine to get more money for “extra” things they are promised will happen during their private lap dance. Most of the time these things never actually do happen; they’re just appeasing the guy and his desires at the time. The girls are very seductive and persuading of course, and they’re at the top of their game, so to speak. That “game” being ripping off their customers. At least with a London escort date you’re going to be spending a minimum of an hour in her company. If you think that you’ll get anywhere near as long as this for a private dance you’re very much mistaken. You’ll be lucky if you get five minutes. Which is why we believe in the much cheaper places.

Cheaper alternatives for adult entertainment

We suppose it’s because we are an escort agency and have our prices clearly published on the website that we believe in a standard price for lap dance services with no extra costs for anything else. And we think that the standard £20 a dance should be the benchmark from which all clubs should follow. At least it used to be £20 a dance when we were last in some of the strip joints we’re about to mention.  When you compare this fee with London escort services at £200, it seems a lot fairer doesn’t it? In all of our favourite places there’s no such thing as any extra prices for a lap dance. However, you will be expected to pay entry fees, and they’ll be a nominal fee for each girl who goes up to dance in public.

The Rainbow Sports Bar

The Rainbow is perfect for this. Entry fees were about a fiver the last time we went. Drinks are the same price as you would find in most London pubs, unlike places like Platinum Lace, where you will pay a small fortune for just a beer! And we know this for a fact by the way, we’ve been several times. The bar inside The Rainbow is dark, but it’s deceptively large once you’ve had a look around. If you’re able to however, because the girls simply will not leave you alone in this place! Now, this could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on what type of man you are. We’re betting that because you’re into sexy young escorts, you will welcome the attention of these beautiful women, even if they are only after your money! And goodness, they really are beautiful. Some of those girls could quite easily be listed in our gallery! The girls are mostly European or Russian in origin, but there’s an occasional British stripper among them.

Pound in the pot

Some of you may have heard this expression before, others may need an explanation. “Pound in the pot” basically means the girl who is about to go on stage to strip, walks around the crowd with a pot (usually a pint glass), asking everyone for a pound. In our mind it’s actually a bargain dance. You can pay £20 (standard rate in places like this) for a private dance, or you can get 20 dances and just find a nice spot to watch all the public dances. However, you will be required to repel the onslaught of girls asking you for a private dance.  But in our humble opinion, this isn’t a hardship. It’s literally “The Lynx effect” advert, where the girls can’t leave the guy alone. And excellent way to spend an hour or so if you’re around Shoreditch / London City. It’s the perfect short walk from Liverpool Street Station, so you can drop in before you catch the train home can’t you? You may need to explain that you were sitting next to a woman who wore too much perfume on the train!


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