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Anal Intimacy in the London Escort Scene

The Intricacies of Escort Services

There is a group within the London escort scene which offers services beyond the conventional, and this article will focus on those who choose to include anal sex in their repertoire of intimate experiences. With any intimate service provided by escorts, it is crucial to recognize that it's always a matter of personal preference and, most importantly, that their willingness to provide such services rests entirely on their own consent. The same can be said for the CIM London escorts we represent, or those that offer other specialist services. And just because they can (like deep throat escorts for example), doesn’t mean they will! These are professionals who value their own autonomy and boundaries, providing services only when and how they choose. As with any profession, coercion or manipulation is unacceptable.

So, why do some escorts choose to offer anal sex? For these escorts, the primary motivation isn't merely financial; instead, they often speak about enjoying the experience in various ways. The reasons they provide vary widely, encompassing both physical and psychological aspects.

On the physical side, many escorts report that anal sex can be pleasurable due to the number of nerve endings located in the anus and rectum. With the correct preparation, relaxation, and trust between the client and the escort, anal sex can lead to pleasurable sensations quite different from other types of sexual activities. Another way to relax the muscles in the anus is by using poppers. You will find a selection of London escorts who use poppers here at Angels of London.

On the psychological side, some escorts find anal sex to be a deeper form of intimacy, a kind of experience that, when shared with a client, can foster a unique connection. There can be an element of trust and vulnerability in this act, which can enhance the experience for both parties. Escorts often emphasize the importance of their clients being sensitive and attentive to their comfort and needs during such activities, as this will significantly enhance their own enjoyment and satisfaction.

However, engaging in anal sex is not something that can or should be done in excess within a short time frame. Unlike vaginal sex, the anal area does not self-lubricate and is more susceptible to damage and discomfort if not adequately prepared or if performed too frequently. Escorts who offer this service must take care of their bodies, ensuring they have enough rest and recovery time between sessions. Anal sex requires patience, careful preparation, and plenty of lubrication to ensure the comfort and safety of the escort. Most high class model escorts will ensure they don’t see too many clients.

Refusal of Services

There are cases when an escort might refuse to engage in anal sex with a specific client. This refusal could be for several reasons - such as a lack of personal chemistry, the client's lack of understanding or respect for boundaries, or simply the escort's intuitive sense that they won't enjoy the experience with that particular person. It should be emphasized again that an escort's refusal should be respected without question, as they are entirely within their rights to decide when, how, and with whom they share any form of intimate activity. It doesn’t matter what it says on the profile. Even if it’s just a London escort massage specialist, she might not feel like massaging you.

A significant aspect of the London escort scene is the emphasis on genuine intimacy. Escorts offering anal sex as a service often state that feeling proper intimacy is essential for them to engage in this act with a client. This level of intimacy can be achieved through open and respectful communication, establishing a trusting relationship, and mutual understanding of each other's boundaries. It's important to note that genuine intimacy does not necessarily mean emotional involvement; instead, it refers to a mutual understanding and respect for each other's bodies and desires.

In conclusion, some escorts in London choose to offer anal sex as part of their services because they derive physical and psychological pleasure from the act, and they view it as a deeper form of intimacy. However, their consent, comfort, and willingness are paramount. Refusal to engage in anal sex with certain clients is within their rights and should always be respected. Their emphasis on proper intimacy means that open and respectful communication, trust, and mutual understanding are essential for such encounters. As always, the escort scene in London continues to champion the autonomy and safety of its professionals, reinforcing the fact that every service offered is the choice of the individual provider.


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