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A London Escort Girl's Favourite Sex Positions

So you’ve booked or are about to book an Angels of London call girl. Chances are that you’re not going to be spending the whole date talking – though you can if you want! Whatever you do together is entirely up to the two of you. Our top London escort agency represents some of the sexiest women in London. So we wouldn’t blame you if you had your mind on something physical. After all, these recommended escorts have bodies that would make supermodels envious! What’s more, they know how to use them and most importantly, what they themselves most enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the top sex positions that Angels of London call girls are particularly fond of… The Missionary Man on top, woman on bottom – it’s the sex position in which men can dominate. It’s a popular position since it’s easy for both and because it allows face to face sex. This is great since all of our London call girls look gorgeous! However this position can become tiresome for men after some time, so stamina may be required! Woman on top Essentially the same as the previous sex position, the only difference being that the woman is on top. One distinct advantage of this is that the man can more easily have fun with the woman’s breasts. Many Angels of London call girls are particularly busty and it’s not uncommon to find they have DD’s! But the petite girls are just as beautiful. Doggie Style It’s fair to say that this is a classic sex position and one that nearly every recommended escort absolutely loves. It involves the woman being position on all fours, with the man kneeling directly behind her. This is a must try for anyone who is an ass man. This  sex position is particularly popular with outcall and incall clients who book a curvy escort in London. Reverse Cowgirl This sex position is pretty much as it sounds! The man typically lies down while the woman climbs on top, facing away from him – it’s essentially a woman on top in reverse. The man gets a great view of her rear while she can maintain a level of control to suit her. Our world class agency has many London call girls with big booty – they’re experts at reverse cowgirl! Spooning One of the more intimate sex positions, spooning is ideal for those seeking a GFE escort. Little effort is required and it’s a very comfortable position. It involves the man and woman both laying on their sides, the man directly behind the woman. It’s popular because it allows a more relaxed and personal experience with London's most recommended escorts. Standing up Standing up sex is spontaneous and that’s what makes it so very sexy. Whether it’s in the kitchen or up against the bathroom wall, it’s perfect for when neither person can wait any longer. After all, who needs a bed to enjoy an Angels of London call girl from our top London escort agency? The Lap Dance This particular sex position is as exciting as it sounds! It’s perfect for men who want to enjoy sex without having to work up a sweat! So the man takes a seat while the woman climbs on top and straddles him. It can be face to face or if he’s an ass man, ass to face! Many Angels of London call girls are experts in exotic dancing, making this sex position ideal.


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