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6 Autumn Events in London for You and Your UK Escort Girl

Colder weather may be on its way but you can always keep warm with your UK escort! With this in mind, why not enjoy one of the many autumn events in London before returning to her place or yours? Take a look at the following 7 London events this autumn and get inspired for your next date with a UK escort!
  1. Oktoberfest (Early October)
Oktoberfest is, unsurprisingly, held in October. Essentially a beer festival, you and your UK escort can enjoy German food and sing along to live music. Most importantly, you can welcome autumn with plenty of large glasses of beer! A number of Oktoberfest events take place throughout London so you can easily plan the date around your favourite escort’s availability and location.  
  1. NFL International Series (Throughout October)
If you or your UK escort are particularly into sports, you may well be interested to know that a number of NFL games are taking place at Twickenham Stadium and Wembley Stadium. This is a great chance to experience the pageantry and showmanship as well as the sheer physicality of American football. It’s sure to get your UK escort all hot and bothered which can only be good news for you later on!  
  1. London Cocktail Week (3-9th October)
Aside from Oktoberfest, London cocktail week is another great excuse to enjoy a few drinks with your UK escort! This week-long cocktail party takes place across the city of London meaning there’s no shortage of events. Impressively, more than 200 bars across the capital will be participating. With so many tours, tastings, pairings and parties going on, there’s no reason you can’t have a great date with your UK ecort.  
  1. London Film Festival (5th-16th October)
The 60th annual BFI London Film Festival is one of the world’s best. There you can discover a range of British and international films. You and your UK escort can attend screenings, workshops and even red carpet premieres. But don’t be surprised if your beautiful escort gets more attention than the actors themselves! Some of our UK escorts allow filming with their faces covered so you could even make your own film!  
  1. Museums at Night (27th – 29th October)
Many UK escorts are actually students so the prospect of visiting a museum is not as dull as it may sound! Throw in the fact that many museums are open at night and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. So soak up some late night culture and reap the rewards when you head back to your home or hotel together afterwards! If you miss this event then there’s no need to panic – it also takes place in May.  
  1. Halloween (31st October)
A city as big as London is never dull, especially on Halloween! While the majority of big Halloween events will take place on the 31st, there are plenty of things going on throughout October. Visit a famous London cemetery during the London Month of the Dead or perhaps take your UK escort to Dinner at the Twits, a disgusting dinner hosted by the famous Roald Dahl characters!


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