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5 Roleplay Outfits Your London Escort Girl Can Wear For you

Roleplay is a great way to spice up your sex life! Of course, adult roleplay is even better when it’s enjoyed with a sexy London escort! Most callgirls in London love adult roleplay. In fact, there are a number of roleplay outfits that your London escort could wear for you on your next date!
  1. French Maid
A dream come true for many men, the French maid costume is a classic in the world of roleplay. This roleplay outfit is traditionally a black dress with white trim as well as an apron and maid’s hat. A feather duster completes the look! Ooh-la-la! Your London escort could be a bossy French maid who demands a clean house. Alternatively, she could be the shy type who is willing to be useful in more ways than simply dusting the furniture! You can even book a French escort for the full experience!
  1. Nurse
It may not be the most original idea but it’s tried and true! Emergency attention has never been sexier than with a naughty nurse, particularly when she happens to be a callgirl in London! Your London escort’s nurse roleplay outfit will most likely be a white gartered dress with red trim and a nurse’s cap. Of course, the sexy look wouldn’t be complete without a stethoscope! From emergency OWO to rehabilitation in the form of an erotic massage, medical services from a sexy London escort is just what the doctor ordered!
  1. Schoolgirl
With so many teen escorts at Angels of London, the schoolgirl costume is surely one of the most appropriate roleplay outfits! In this case you can expect your London escort to be wearing something along the lines of a short pleated skirt and a tight tie top! If she’s truly dedicated then glasses and a lollipop might also feature! The great thing about schoolgirl roleplay is that you can be the teacher and she can be your sweet and submissive student. Of course she doesn’t have to be sweet – she could even be a very naughty girl in need of detention!
  1. Police officer
Prepare for some punishment if your London escort is wearing this particular roleplay outfit! If you’ve been naughty, your London escort/police officer will surely catch you. In fact, she might tie you up, spank you and demand special favours in exchange for your freedom! The police offer roleplay outfit is very versatile but tends to be blue or black. There’s usually a police hat and even handcuffs a baton if you’ve been particularly bad! The police officer roleplay combines perfectly with BDSM services.
  1. Office worker
Many a man has fantasized about combining work and sex! Your London escort’s roleplay outfit could be anything from a real, formal work outfit to a skimpy secretary number. The roleplay scenarios available are numerous. From the young interview candidate who is desperate to land her dream job at interview to the tough boss who demands improved performance, this is one roleplay scenario that’s sure to get kinky! Whether you’re into being dominant or submissive, your callgirl in London will provide unparalleled office pleasure!


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