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European escorts


This is the place where you’re going to find all the European girls we have at Angels of London. It doesn’t matter whereabouts they are in London, they’re all listed here. And it doesn’t matter where in Europe they’re from either, this category captures them all. We are very well aware that some of you out there have a soft spot for the Euro babes, and this is why we created the gallery.

Even though we love the Russian girls, just as much as our European ladies, we know that not everyone is into them. And most of you will have some very fond memories of a popular Romanian escorts, or perhaps one of those Latvian or Lithuanian lovelies out there. They certainly know how to treat their clients to an entertaining experience.


What is it about the European escorts?


Some would disagree, but we have known a great number of European girls in our time, and we happen to think that they have a particular look as well as a number of other attributes. Would you agree? We suppose that it’s experience that allows us to differentiate a Russian from an Eastern European girl easily. It’s not so easy with, say, a French girl, or a German girl. These young ladies can often just look very similar to the Eastern Europeans to us, but this is because we don’t see as many of them.

But isn’t it the case that those European girls are so much more beautiful than the vast majority of English women? Whether it’s the lifestyle, their upbringing, or just something in the water out there, we don’t know, but they are mostly all astonishingly beautiful to look at! Perhaps it’s the natural springs and spas in areas like The Czech Republic that they’re exposed to, we don’t know, but we’re not complaining for a moment!


Sensibly priced most of the time


We also find that most of the eastern European escorts are very happy for us to recommend a price range for them, or they have already chosen quite a low rate. They do this because they want the work. They want the bookings, mainly for the money of course, but they love the job so much, and it beats the hell out of what they would be doing over in Romania, or wherever else they come from. And when you compare their fees to that of the average Russian escort on all agency websites, they are significantly cheaper. And sometimes there isn’t a great deal of difference in the services offered either. We suppose it’s each to his own really. Some like the Russians, some like the Europeans.


Well educated


Considering that many eastern European countries are relatively poor in comparison to life in London, it’s amazing that their level of education is so very high. We’re not just referring to the escorts’ grasp of the English language either (which is usually outstanding and relatively fluent), we mean culture and overall general knowledge. Some of these girls know more about UK culture and London life, than most of the Englishmen living here! They put us to shame, they really do!


Service quality


European girls in general (from all over Europe) seem to have a much better understanding of what it takes to give a good escort service too. This is in comparison to many English escorts actually. These Euro girls seem to have maintained that level of respect for a man and his needs. Not in a subservient way, like some Asian girls, but they strike a very good balance between being confident enough to instigate a highly sensual experience, yet they are also very open to suggestion and very attentive to your needs. We believe that European professional companions are among the best in the world because of this, and we are confident that they will continue to be. There’s certainly no shortage of demand for them here in London!


It’s often said that variety is the spice of life. Why else would we have so many hot London callgirls for you to choose from? From curvy blondes to tall brunettes, our escort agency in London has got it all.


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