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Young London Call Girl Gives it Hot

Mery was adorable and had the sexiest ass that he'd ever seen. It was the perfect ass for super tight jeans which was why he always asked her to wear them for him. The young London escort had answered the door and he found her dressed casually. She was wearing skin-tight jeans and a loose sweatshirt that hung off the shoulder. She had given him a huge hug and they had kissed in the doorway, her body pressed close to him and his hands roaming over her soft skin under the sweatshirt. Her bare feet padded across the floor as she led him to the sofa, his eyes fixed on the way that her ass moved in her jeans. She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, her chin in her hands, watching him. Picking up the TV remote, he sat down next to her and she hooked his arm over her shoulders. The sexy young London escort snuggled up to him, her back against the side of his chest and her head resting under his chin. 'What are we going to watch today?' she said. Her sweatshirt had dropped right off her shoulder and he was treated to the sight of her deep cleavage nestled in her white bra. His hand slid across her flat stomach. 'Is our usual tv show on?' he asked. 'I've got it recorded for you,' she said. Taking the remote from him, Mery found the recorded programme and hit play. He kissed the top of her head. She turned her face up to him and their lips met. 'It's so good to see you,' he said. The young London escort twisted around, moving smoothly so that she straddled his lap. Her hands stroked the back of his neck as they made out on the couch. His hands ran over her gentle curves. She pulled her sweatshirt off and he kissed the soft flesh of her cleavage as he unclipped her bra. He held the weight of her breasts in his masculine hands, his mouth skimming over her hard nipples. 'Oh fuck,' he said, 'I'm so turned on.' 'Don't worry, baby,' she said, 'I know what you like.' Mery slid off his lap onto the floor. It was then that she undid his zipper, pulling his straining erection free. As the gorgeous young London escort gave him OWO, he thanked his lucky stars that he had found the best escort agency in London. Nobody gave as good a girlfriend experience as Mery. She was so natural, so sexy and she knew how to make him feel relaxed and at home. He groaned with ecstasy, the erotic attentions of his favourite young London escort's mouth drawing him to a climax. Looking down her could see her lacy panties peeking out of the top of her jeans. He loved to watch her sucking his dick with her breasts bare and her ass encased in the tight fitting denim. His balls swelled, his leg muscles spasmed and Mery lifted her head. Her beautiful face looking into his as his spunk gushed across her bare breasts. She gave a little gasp of pleasure before standing up and kissing him. Reaching for some tissues, she cleaned them both up and then snuggled back up against him on the couch. 'Shall I rewind the programmer?' she said as his hands idly played with her magnificent breasts.


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