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Young Call Girl Stella in Exotic Dance Performance

He had asked for an exotic dance performance and the young escort girl was giving exactly that. She was wearing a very short skirt that revealed tantalising glimpses of her pussy. Her pert breasts jiggled in her golden bra. Her slim, toned legs kicked and flicked, each movement perfectly balanced on gold high heels. She had an amazing body that moved with erotic elegance. He was transfixed. Stella peeked over her shoulder as she shimmied her hips and ass towards him. Her gorgeous smile lit up her face and his heart swelled almost as much as his cock. 'Am I a good exotic dancer?' the sexy young escort asked. 'The best,' he replied without hesitation. He was rewarded by another smile on her beautiful face. The honey blonde escort turned and shook her shoulders and breasts whilst her legs performed an intricate, sexy move. It was all for him - this beautiful young escort was performing just for him. His cock hardened once again, the pressure in his balls becoming insistent. The London escort's sensual body continued to move with grace and poise, each undulation a direct reminder of a woman's body in the throes of sexual passion. Her exotic dance brought her closer to him until she reached where he sat and flung one of those slim legs over his shoulder. The hot young escort leaned in and kissed him. He could smell the sexual heat from her pussy. A moan swelled from his throat. Stella's leg slid from his shoulder in a controlled arc - she was so very flexible. She turned and slid onto his lap with her back to him. Lifting his trembling hands, she placed them on her heaving breasts. Whilst he fondled them, the escort in Bayswater guided his cock into her wet pussy. His whole body convulsed with the intensity of pleasure that shot through him. Stella's hips began to sway, gently fucking him to the rhythm of her dance. He moaned again. 'How fast do you want me to dance?' she asked. His hands slid down to the erotic curve of her waist. He moved the young escort's body at the pace he wanted and she responded, fucking him with controlled thrusts. Pressing his face to her smooth and supple back, he lost himself to her carnal dance. He allowed his hands to roam over her body, feeling each sensual movement through his fingertips. Stella's head tipped back so that it rested on his shoulder and he felt her long hair warm against his skin. Deep within his groin an erotic heat began to swell. His body jerked and he could have sworn that his spunk spurted in time to the dance. The intensity of the sensation was unsurpassed and still his erotic dancer undulated on his lap, lost to the rhythm and pleasure.


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