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Redhead Escort Girl Provides Much Needed Relief

Lionel knew that ordering a redhead callgirl to the office was one of the worst things he could do, but he was desperate. He spent 15 hours a day working and had little time for anything else. So just this once, he made an exception. He knew of an escort agency through which a friend had booked an escort. He gave them a call and set up a date with one of the girls for that very evening. When Brandy arrived he was surprised. He was expecting someone attractive, but she was gorgeous; long red hair and pert bouncing breasts that were just a little too large for her slender frame to be natural. He let the sexy redhead callgirl into the office, and she immediately smiled at him, her blue eyes sparkling. She sat on his desk, crossing her legs. "So, what can I do for you today?" "I..." Lionel didn't quite know what to say, and his eyes almost popped out of his head when she dropped the coat she was wearing, and then slipped out of her dress to reveal lacy red underwear with a matching garter belt and black stockings. "How about now?" Brandy sauntered towards him and grabbed his tie. "Is there anything in particular you want? Or can I just treat you to something nice?" "Bend over the desk" He said in a croaky voice. He hadn't even realised he wanted it until right before he'd said it. The redhead callgirl grinned at him knowingly and turned towards the desk, planting her hands on it and spreading her legs, popping her ass out so that it was prominent. Lionel stepped in towards her, running a hand over the red lace and tanned skin. Slowly, he hooked his fingers in the hot redhead callgirl's panties and pulled them down, watching her shaved pussy come into view. She wriggled her ass at him, and he felt his cock hardening further in his trousers. It didn't take much to get him going these days; in fact, he was ready to get started. He fumbled with his buckle for a moment, getting it open and pulling out his hard dick from his underwear. He stroked it a few times, waiting for it to reach its full size. It was quite impressive, and he almost immediately pressed it against her cunt, pushing in slowly and feeling her opening up around him. The sexy London callgirl moaned loudly and Lionel thrust into her harder the next time, punching a cry out of her. However he cared more for his own pleasure and had soon set up a punishing rhythm, slapping his hips into hers as hard as he could, holding onto her hips and squeezing, thumbs digging into her ass. He was pent up, so it didn't take him long to cum, long thick ropes of cum shotting into the redhead callgirl as his whole body shuddered. He knew it was a high volume; it had been a long time since he had so much as jacked off. The outcall client pulled his cock out of her, watching as the long strings of cum started to run down her leg. She was panting, her face a little pink, and she turned to give him an impressed smile. "How about one on the house?" she winked. "Want to go again?" He chuckled, his cock already springing back to life. He definitely wanted to go again.


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