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Whipped Cream, Cherries for Two Horny Bisexual Girls

Escort dates involving two bisexual girls were quite unusual, but when they came up Lucy grabbed such occasions with both hands! She was a sexy young girl with a tight and sexy body. At just 5 foot 2, she made up for her short stature with her fantastic 34DD chest. This horny young London escort was known as a bisexual escort, so when the boss of her escort agency called to ask if she wanted to do a booking for a female client, Lucy jumped at the chance. The bisexual incall appointment was to take place at Lucy's flat in Edgware Road. As requested, she was dressed in just pyjamas when the buzzer rang. The horny young escort girl virtually ran to the door and flung it open. Outside was one of the cutest girls she'd ever seen - Marie was slim with dark blonde hair. She wore tight jeans and a cute t-shirt that showed off her small but perfectly shaped chest. The incall client looked nervous. The escort agency had told Lucy that this wasn't just Marie's first experience with a horny London escort girl, it was to be her very first bisexual experience! Sensing that the ice had to be broken right away, Lucy leant over and gave her sexy young client a kiss on the lips. She bent over a little as she did so, so that Marie would be able to see down her pyjama top and get a brief, tantalising glimpse of her cleavage. She then took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. The bisexual girls quickly got to it, falling on the bed and kissing each other passionately. Lucy could tell from the way that Marie was breathing hard that her sexy client was hungry forher first bisexual experience. Within moments of landing on the bed the horny young brunette escort had begun to feel Marie's small hands worm their way inside her pyjamas, first running all over her large breasts and then, with growing confidence, heading down between her legs. Marie used her hand and fingers to explore the sexy callgirl's shaved pussy. After a few seconds Marie even dipped a finger into the tight wet crack of the escort girl's pussy, keen to see just how wet she was. Lucy was indeed very wet as she loved this sort of bisexual fun. This was quickly shaping up to be one of the very best incall appointments her high class London escort agency had ever given her! After a few moments of enjoying the slender fingers inside her, Lucy remembered what her job was and began to take charge once again. Carefully, she unbuttoned Marie's jeans and pulled them off, also taking away the baby blue panties. She was delighted to see that Marie's pussy was completely shaved, and made a mental note to get down there and have a taste of it as soon as she could. First of all, the sexy London escort girl had to get her bisexual client fully naked. She pulled the tight t-shirt over Marie's head, and virtually tore off the young bisexual girl's bra. Finally, both bisexual girls were fully naked, and they began to kiss and cuddle even more enthusiastically than before, feeling the warm softness of each other's bodies pressing against each other. After a few moments, Marie broke off and reached for two items from her handbag - a can of whipped cream and a small punnet of cherries. She looked, nervously and questioningly, at the experienced bisexual escort. Lucy immediately grasped what her young blonde client wanted. Lucy took the cream and cherries, and instructed Marie to lie flat on her back on the bed, with her slim and sexy legs spread wide ope. Lucy admired the horny young girl's pussy as its wet crack pouted at her. Taking the top off the can of cream, she gave it a good shake. Then the sexy and horny young London bisexual escort sprayed three dollops of cream on to her client's slim and sexy young body: one on each nipple and one right between her legs. Taking three cherries, she put one above each nipple and stuck one on the cream between Marie's legs, exactly above her clit. Then the bisexual blonde escort began to lick. First she went for the horny young bsiexual girl's breasts - running her tongue around the soft flesh at the side of each one, then licking away the cream little by little. As she got to the end of each dollop, she took the cherry between her teeth,and rubbed it around and around her horny bisexual client's breast flesh. Marie began to groan. But the bisexual girls had barely started - diving down between Marie's legs, the horny and sexy young bisexual escort began to lick away the cream on the young lesbian's pussy. She gently lapped at it so that her tongue took in some pussy juice at the same time as the cream, the two flavours mixing deliciously in the sexy London call girl's mouth. Soon, only the cherry was left. Carefully, lucy picked it off with her fingers, and licked away the cream underneath, revealing the small button of Marie's clit. By now, Marie was groaning and arching her back in sheer pleasure. Bending her head down, Lucy kissed the horny young bisexual girl's clit. Marie shouted out her orgasm, fondling her own breasts as she came.


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