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Weekend Away with my Call Girl in Spain

I’d just broken up with my girlfriend and needed to have some fun. So I booked an international outcall escort to accompany me for a weekend in sunny Spain. This time I’d decided to go with a top class escort agency because I’d been let down by other agencies in the past. After a lot of thought, I chose Maria who looked absolutely amazing in her photos. Her dark hair and slim body made her the perfect choice for me. Thankfully, she looked even better in person! I knew I was going to have a great time with this escort in Spain. So off we went to the Costa Brava for some much needed sun and sangria!  What I really liked about Maria was that she was so chatty. I instantly felt at ease in her company which made a huge difference. It was a quick 2 hour flight and before long we were at the villa I’d rented. It was perfect. Before too long I was relaxing by the pool, cocktail in hand with my escort in Spain. Maria wasn’t just chatty - she was playful too. She suggested skinny dipping in the pool to cool off. I didn’t need asking twice! Maria must have noticed the growing bulge under my swimming shorts and been keen to assist. I threw off my trunks and dived into the cool water. Swimming on my back, I looked up at the blue skies and realized how lucky I was to have this escort in Spain with me. Glancing across at my international outcall escort I saw that she had been waiting for my attention. She slowly and deliberately stripped, revealing her perfectly rounded breasts and buttocks. Maria jumped into the pool and squealed at the temperature of the water. She was a good swimmer – it must be how she got her toned, athletic body. She disappeared under the water and I followed eager to admire her naked body. My sexy escort in Spain swam underwater towards me and before long we had resurfaced and were in a full embrace, passionately kissing. I couldn’t help my hands wandering towards her pussy. I started stroking her clitoris, first slowly and soon with greater urgency as she became more aroused. Before I knew it, her hand was on my dick, rhythmically stroking my shaft. She was just so naughty! Feeling adventurous, I lowered myself beneath the surface of the water to eat her pussy. She loved it, and her hands held the back of my head, pushing it, willing my tongue to delve further into its depths. I put my fingers in to add to her pleasure. Being an office worker, my hands are small and I soon had all 5 fingers entering her pussy, causing her to writhe in desire. Slowly but surely, I eased my whole fist inside her and was pummeling her pussy like a machine. The twitching legs of my escort in Spain were enough to tell me that she was cumming hard from the fisting fun I was giving her. I’ve always tried to be the gentleman with the ladies. But now I was eager to be serviced. Rising up out of the water, somewhat out of breath, I took her by the hand and lead her out of the pool and onto one of the poolside deckchairs. Maria knew what I wanted and she climbed right on top of my rock solid cock. Her soaking wet pussy bounced up and down, as her 32C tis jiggled around. Her cries of ecstasy told me that she was enjoying this as much as I was. My escort in Spain and I came together and we came hard, our juices mixing and trickling down her pussy. All of that action had worked up an appetite we had lunch before getting ready for round two of more fisting fun. It was the best weekend away of my life.


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