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Watersports Regatta With Domme Call Girl Carina

The East European escort made him crawl - it was all part of her watersports service. He slipped around on his hands and knees across the hard floor, piss splashing and soaking every part of him. At last he reached Carina's open legs. The pathway of golden urine led right up to the domme escort. The domme escort lay back on gold silk cushions, wearing nothing but a moulded PVC corset and shiny thigh-high boots. Carina was a watersports goddess. He crawled through her piss and past the vicious heels of her boots. His face felt the caress of her soft inner thighs before his lips found her naked pussy. A sigh escaped his throat when her velvet labia touched him, her sexual scent filling his nostrils and her sweet taste flooding his taste buds. 'Make me come,' demanded the domme escort, 'Do not disappoint me.' His tongue went to work by flicking over her engorged clitoris and exploring between her labia. It delved inside her tight, hot pussy. Erotic juices coated his face, smothering him in lustful desire. He could hear her moaning and felt the tremble in her smooth thighs. Carina's watersports boots kicked against the hard floor, beating out a rhythm that increased in tempo with every minute. The domme escort's sexy hips writhed beneath his oral attention until they suddenly lifted and remaining completely still whilst his tongue worked frantically against her quivering clit. Driven on by the sexy watersports escort's desperate need, he licked and sucked for all he was worth until a loud groan burst from Carina's lips. Her hips bucked against his mouth and her thighs crushed his head. 'Yes, yes, yes!' cried out the watersports escort, 'Don't stop. Yes, oh yes!' He continued to pleasure his goddess until her body relaxed and her perfect ass landed back on the golden cushions. The erotic watersports experience had him full to bursting, his cock had never been so stiff. 'You require release,' said Carina. It wasn't a question - it was a simple statement. 'Lie back on the floor', the domme escort commanded. He followed her instructions, lying in her cold piss that he had crawled through to reach her. 'Wank,' she said, 'Pump that dick until you come but don't get any of your spunk on my floor or I will have to punish you.' His hand went to the tight, hot skin of his erection. He gripped hard and moved fast. His watersports climax wasn't far away. He heard the domme escort's boots on the floor and looked up to see the domme escort towering over him. A jolt ran through his body at the sight of her, semen rushed up his shaft, splattering his body. At the same time, Carina released hot piss all over him. Acrid, golden liquid gushed over him, washing the gallons of spunk onto the floor. She smiled her cruel smile. 'I told you not to get spunk on my floor,' she said, 'Now I'm going to have to teach you a lesson that you will never forget.' Angels of London - See other available sexy escorts in London


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