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Watersports Magic with Escort Britney

When the young watersports escort entered the room he knew that they were going to be getting messy with watersports. His cock hardened at the sight of the hot London escort with her dark hair and slender figure. He dated Britney regularly. The Eastern European brunette was extremely sexy and knew exactly what he liked. She stood there completely naked. He couldn't take his eyes of her long, slender body. She gave him a knowing smile and a cheeky wink. Approaching him with a seductive sway to her hips, she kissed him before placing her hand on his erection and giving it a gentle squeeze. Her knowledgeable hands undid the buttons on his shirt, sliding it off his shoulders. The watersports London escort was now French kissing him, exploring his mouth with her agile tongue. Soft, feminine hands roamed over his bare torso. Her fingers found his belt and released its grip on his waist. Unzipping his fly, she pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles. His erection sprang forward brushing against her toned belly. 'Are you ready, lover?' she said as she led him towards the paddling pool that was set up in the middle of the room. 'I'm always ready for you,' he growled. The sexy watersports escort smiled at him before dropping gracefully to her knees. He stroked her beautiful face and gazed into her eyes. Their chests were both rapidly rising and falling in the excitement of what was to come. He brushed his hands across the sensitive flesh of her hard nipples and she gasped. Grasping his straining erection, he forced it down and released the pressure in his bladder. Golden liquid poured forth splashing over the erotic escort's breasts and belly. The hot piss ran down her smooth skin, between her thighs. His cock ached at the sight but Britney knew what he needed next. She pulled him to the wet, slippery ground and straddled him at the top of his chest. Hot liquid flooded his skin. He could smell the sharp, hormonal scent of her piss. The young watersports escort slid down his body, her thighs wet. The watersports shower continued across his belly before his dick got a good soaking. All of a sudden he was inside her. Her tight pussy gripped his rock hard cock and passion overtook him. He rolled her onto her back, their bodies still locked together. There he fucked her in the pool of piss, their bodies wet and slippery and the animal scent strong. She cried out in ecstasy as he pumped hot white liquid from his shaft. Her body bucked beneath him as she took in every drop of his hot cum


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