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Watersports for Redhead Escort Annie's Thigh High Boots

The watersports escort stood before him in nothing but a pair of leather thigh high boots. Her long red hair fell around her shoulders brushing over her pink nipples. She had her hands on her feminine hips. The expression on the Eastern European escort's face was stern. 'My boots need cleaning,' she said, 'What are you going to do about it?' He stared at her in awe. She was so beautiful and so commanding. A shiver ran through his body. 'I'm waiting,' she said. 'I will clean them, Mistress,' he hurriedly replied. Crawling forward, he reached her shiny black feet. His dick went hard at the scent of the leather, the sight of her small feminine feet tipped forward on such high heels. Rising onto his knees, his face level with her naked pussy, he grasped his hard dick and directed it towards the shiny leather for the watersports that was to come. It took all of his concentration to get his bladder to relax but he succeeded. A stream of watersports piss hosed down the thigh high boots and the golden shower flowed down the patent leather, forming a puddle around his knees. He put his hands down in the warm puddle and began to lick the sexy young escort's boots clean. As he licked he was rewarded with a golden shower from Annie. Her piss mixed with his with a heady hormonal scent. His tongue cleaned every inch of her boots including the spiked heels. When he was done, he sat back and looked up at the beautiful redhead. 'Did you like it when I pissed on you?' she asked. He nodded. 'Yes, Mistress.' 'Good. My pussy needs cleaning now. Lick it clean.' His shaking hands grasped her thigh high boots and he pressed his mouth to her pussy which still dripped with watersports piss. 'Don't disappoint me,' she murmured as he got to work. Angels of London - See other available escorts in London


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