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Watersports Playtime Can be Quite a Mouthful

The watersports escort was everything that he had hoped she would be. Claudia was beautiful, vivacious and sexy. What's more, she had the most incredible body that he had ever seen. Her tits were perfect while her firm ass cheeks felt amazing when he grasped them against his thrusting body. And that wasn't all. She also had incredible legs - they were unbelievably long and toned. Claudia rode his cock. Her toned stomach undulated while her smooth thighs gripped his hips. The brunette escort's breathing was becoming ragged as a flush spread across her bouncing tits. His balls ached but he was holding back for the grand finale, trying not to think about the watersports to come for fear of it tipping him over the edge. Her sensual body suddenly stiffened and she threw her head back. Shudders ran up her thighs and her pussy muscles closed tight around his dick. Desperately he tried not to come - it wasn't time. He couldn't let the strength of her orgasm draw forth his own climax - not yet. The beautiful escort's body jerked in intense pleasure. He watched her and let his hands stroke the silky skin of her long legs. Eventually, her body calmed and she smiled through her hair at him. 'Thank you,' she said, 'Are you ready for your reward?' 'I've never been so ready,' he said. She laughed. Claudia loved to play. She lifted herself off his still hard cock and moved up his body. Her large breasts slid along his chest and her amazing legs shuffled against his torso. The sexy watersports escort stopped when her pussy was positioned over his mouth. He could smell the erotic scent of her sex and his cock jumped in his hand. 'Tell me when,' she said. He started to slide his hand along his cock. Soon he was wanking hard and fast, his body responding with little jerks. 'Now,' he gasped. Claudia held her pussy lips apart and pissed directly into his mouth. A powerful stream of urine gushed down his throat in a golden shower of sexual energy. With a triumphant shout that reverberated off the walls, he came hard. Every muscle in his body clenched. The first shot of spunk hit the ceiling. Still he swallowed the hot, golden liquid that gushed from the beautiful watersports escort. His body juddered and twisted whilst cum continued to spurt from his cock. When they were both drained dry, Claudia rolled onto her back and he moved into the sexual embrace of her fabulous legs. She held him to her whilst the shivers of returning pleasure ran through his body. Angels of London - See other available escorts in London


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