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Watersports Gargle with East European Call Girl

The East European escort was the embodiment of class and sophistication - or at least she had been all through the conference. Simona had played the role of personal assistant perfectly. She had exuded an air of untouchability that had drawn the attention of every man there. That was until they had closed the door to their hotel room. Now the East European escort was stripped naked. Her gorgeous, toned body was for his eyes only. She stood over him, her shapely legs spread wide, her small hands on her perky breasts, her sensual lips parted in little gasps of pleasure. He looked up at the escort in South Kensington, the hormonal scent of her pussy strong in his nostrils, the sweet taste of her juices on his tongue. Simona was exquisite. If only the other delegates knew what she was truly like beneath the veneer of her smart, professional suit. One of his hands slowly wanked his stiff cock, pre-cum lubricating the long sweeps of his fist. The other hand parted the silky lips of her pussy, opening the wet slit for his tongue. The sexy East European escort's smooth thighs were slick with her own juices, the trembles running through her supple flesh adding to his knowledge that she was loving every second of his oral attention. 'That feels so good,' she moaned, 'You really know how to reward a girl.' Simona allowed one hand to drop from her breasts. Her fingers entwined in his hair, pressing his mouth closer to her engorged clit. 'You deserve all the pleasure that I can give you,' he said, briefly pausing from licking the East European escort's pussy. His hand continued to stroke his cock. 'I have a treat for you too,' she groaned, 'I will give it to you very soon.' 'Ladies first though,' he said, burying his face between her velvet lips. Simona gasped, grinding his face against her. The East European escort's hips shook, her body shuddered and fresh cum gushed over his chin and down her inner thighs. Crying out, she held him tight against her trembling body whilst her orgasm flowed through her. Finally, she threw her head back and pushed him backwards. He sprawled across the floor, looking up at the magnificent beauty who towered above him. His hand flew up and down the length of his cock, wanking like a piston. Simona leant down and grabbed him by the back of the neck. The East European escort pulled him up into a sitting position, so that his mouth was level with her pussy once again. Her finger and thumb grasped his nose, forcing him to open his mouth with a gasp. Her other hand spread her pussy lips and she directed a powerful golden shower down his gaping throat. A stream of urine gushed into his mouth, filling his senses with the acrid scent and sweet taste. His hand slapped back and forth. He gasped, crying out, gargling piss as spunk shot out of his cock. White puddles splashed over Simona's sexy legs, leaving long trails across the floor. The London escort laughed with delight and bent down and kissed him. She was so wonderfully filthy with her watersports action. If the other delegates could see her now...


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