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Water Sport escort gives an experience to remember

My water sport escort arrived bang on time she was wearing a lacy red underwear set that hugged tightly to her curvaceous figure. Before long she was lay seductively on top of a rug beside my living room fire, I sat beside her, stroking her soft legs as we got to know each other better. She flirted with me, caressing my arm with her fingertips and kissing me gently. Teasing her, I wrapped my finger around the lace on her thong and pulled it tight to create friction on her juicy clit, her pussy bulged out either side of her panties and I couldn’t wait to get my tongue deep inside her hole. Her kisses got deeper, her mouth was soft, and she tasted delicious, I couldn’t help but think how delicious her pussy was going to be if her mouth tasted this good. My hands glided up her body, grasping on to her big full breasts and pulling her bra down to reveal her perky pink nipples. Lowering my head, I found her hard nipples and sucked them into my mouth, she started moaning louder as her body responded to my touch. I climbed on top of her and pinned her arms above her head as I ravished her big breasts. I couldn’t resist, I slid my hand down her body and slipped it under her thong to get a feel of her pussy. She was dripping wet and I slid my fingers deep inside her tight hole, she started begging me to thrust her, I couldn’t resist and I rammed my fingers deeper and faster inside her and watched her face in ecstasy as she came all over my fingers. I grabbed her thong with both hands and pulled them down so that I could slide my hard dick inside her wet pussy, she gripped the rug with both hands, nearly ripping out the fur. I wanted her to feel every inch of my penis, I pressed it inside her hard, she groaned with delight, begging for more. Placing her legs above my shoulder whilst holding her wrist firmly to the floor, I began to raise myself off the floor with my toes pounding her hard from above. I could feel myself about to cum, but I wasn’t ready yet, I wanted my surprise request and she knew it. I slipped my cock out of her tight cunt and rolled over onto my back. “I’m ready”, she said, and I couldn’t control my lust and anticipation. I lay on the floor my face upwards as she squatted above my chest, small tinkles of pee dripped out of her tiny tight pussy and leaked all over my body. I was aroused beyond belief. Her sweet pee was soaking my body and gushing out of her, she stopped and slid her pussy back down onto my dick. She started to fuck me hard from above, her massive titties were bouncing in my face and her hands were lay flat on my soaking wet chest. I couldn’t control myself and I started to cum. She immediately pulled my dick from her and aimed it towards her face. My cum squirted all over her face and dripped down to her rock-hard nipples. I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life and I couldn’t wait for what ever else she had in store for the rest of the evening.


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