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Footjob from Two London Escort Girls

Chrisa and Lizzi were two experienced London escort girls working in London for the same agency. Both escorts were tall and very much bisexual. They were both quite busty though Lizzi's chest was the larger of the two. If they seemed similar, it was for good reason: the two were sisters. Despite being siblings, Chrisa was blonde while Lizzi had long brown hair. Chrisa was the eldest and as such, she usually made a point of taking charge of her little sister. Leading the way to the hotel room which was to be the venue for this afternoon's outcall appointment, she rapped sharply on the door. 'Come in!' The London escort girls did so. Inside was their client, Paul. He was a bald, middle-aged man with a few wisps of dark hair remaining around the sides of his head. He had the appearance of an academic. As the bisexual escort girls entered the room he clapped his hands together enthusiastially. 'Excellent! Let's get straight down to business!' With that, he began to take his clothes off. Slightly bemused, the callgirl sisters started to do the same. 'No, no,' he said. 'You can keep your clothes on for now. Just take your shoes off.' They did so. The agency had told them that Paul had requested that they both wear silk stockings. Suddenly it clicked: Paul was a foot fetishist. He lay down naked on the floor between the bed and a chair, and motioned the London escort girls to each sit on one. Chrisa took the chair while Lizzi bounced on the edge of the bed. Paul lay back and shut his eyes. Chrisa gave her escort sister a look that suggested she'd take the lead. Lizzi nodded silently, letting the more experienced older girl get to work. Slowly, Chrisa ran her silk-covered toes over Paul's chest. Lizzi followed suit, drawing circles in his chest hair. They could see that his cock was stiffening. Without opening his eyes Paul reached out and grasped a slender calf in each hand, encouraging the escorts to move their feet lower down his body. They did so, working their toes and the soles of their small Eastern European feet over his stomach and down to his groin. Lizzi pushed one of her feet between his legs and began to rub the smooth silk of her stocking against the base of his scrotum. Paul groaned, and his cock grew hard. He had begun to breathe more deeply. 'Can you give me a foot-wank? It's very easy. Just make yourselves comfortable and let your feet do the work. No hands allowed!' The London escort girls placed their feet around his hardening shaft. Chrisa put one of hers between his tummy and his cock, lifting it up so that it was pointing at the ceiling. On cue, Lizzi began to caress the shaft with her feet, splaying her legs so that her soles would push flat together with Paul's cock between them. She'd always been the athlete of the family, so Chrisa nodded to her to start doing some work on the shaft. Feet together, Paul's cock between them, Lizzi began to pump her slim, sexy thighs up and down so that Paul was masturbated as if by a huge hand - he was gasping already. Chrisa, being a truly professional escort girl, decided that she had to add to the stimulation, too. There wasn't room around Paul's cock for her feet - if she'd put them there Lizzi wouldn't have been able to take the delightfully long pulls which were making the call girls' client go red in the face. Instead, Chrisa concentrated on using her toes to tickle and stimulate the base of Paul's cock and balls - she could feel them throbbing with pleasure. As she felt her way around, Chrisa sank lower and lower on the chair. Lizzi was on the bed opposite and she too was nearly flat, propping herself up on her elbows, having found that the most comfortable position for her legs while pumping Paul's cock. Lizzi's skirt had run up around her slim upper thighs in the process - Chrisa could see right up it, and noticed the sopping wet patch on her younger sister's panties. Clearly Lizzi was enjoying giving this as much as Paul loved receiving it. Lizzi soon had her hand between her legs, pulling her panties aside and searching out her own clit. As she pumped Paul's cock she rubbed herself in time with her leg movements. She began to moan. Feeling quite left out, Chrisa redoubled her efforts with her toes around the base of Paul's cock. The outcall client clearly wasn't far from coming - he was breathing heavily and emitting load groans, as was Lizzi. In the end Paul and Lizzi came simultaneously. As she came, Lizzi did what she always did and thrust two finger deep into her pussy to mimic the cock she always wanted in there. Paul cried out, and shot a rich load of creamy cum all over the stockings of the London escort girls!


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