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Virgin escort seduction for an older gentleman

I’d always had a high sex drive, I loved to experiment with all kinds of dirty play, but one fantasy had always played at the front of my mind and that was to take a girl’s virginity. I’d often scour escort sites to see if there was a beautiful virgin escort that took my fancy, I’d fucked quite of lot of escorts in my time, but my best experience was when I got to take the virginity of sweet 18- year old Briony. Her picture had caught my eye, she looked young and sweet and extremely innocent so when I searched her profile and discovered that she was a new escort and that she wanted a filthy old man to take her virginity I couldn’t believe my luck. I booked in with her as soon as possible as I knew she would be in high demand and as the days leading up to meeting her got closer, I found myself getting more and more excited at the thought of taking away this sweet girl’s innocence.  Finally, the day arrived, I had arranged to meet her at my flat in London and when she arrived, she looked every bit the sexy girl next door that I had imagined. She had long blonde hair, big blue eyes and small perky breasts that I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around. She was wearing a little blue dress and her hair was up in little pigtails, making her even more appealing than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t waste much time in seducing the sweet Briony and I lead her up to my bedroom almost instantly; I couldn’t wait to ravish her young, innocent body. When I got her to my bedroom, I immediately pulled her long blonde hair to the side and started to trail sweet kisses down her throat, she seemed nervous which I enjoyed. I loved the thought of seducing this young girl and making her realise that I could make all her wildest fantasies come alive. “I like older men”, she murmured to me sweetly as I continued to suck on her soft, subtle skin. She certainly knew what to say to get me going and I could feel the erection in my trousers threatening to burst free. I turned my attention to her little breasts, “has anyone ever sucked on your nipples before?” I asked her in anticipation. She shook her head, indicating that they had never been sucked on before and my jaw nearly hit the floor. I slowly fingered my way down to the fabric of her blue dress, undoing the buttons to reveal her little white bra. I could see that her nipples were hard through the cotton fabric and I desperately wanted to tease them. I gently moved my arm around her body so that I could undo her bra. Her beautiful little breasts fell out, they were so perfectly small and perky that I wanted to worship them. I started to tease one of her nipples with my tongue, gently savouring the taste of her young body as I listened to the sound of her little shy moans. I could easily fit her whole breast into my hand, they were so small, and her little pink nipples were mouth- watering, I couldn’t get enough of her and she seemed to be loving every second of it. I moved my hand slowly down her body, feeling the soft skin of her toned stomach as I went. I finished off the removal of her dress and she was soon stood there in just her white panties. She looked so sweet and innocent I thought I was going to cum everywhere just from looking at the sight of her. I pushed my hand down under her panties and I got my first feel of her young pussy, her clit was juicy and wet, and I started to finger her softly as I continued sucking on her tiny breasts. Her pussy was starting to get really wet and I slid a finger downwards so that could feel inside her sweet tight hole. She felt so tight and forbidden and her little moans were getting louder as I explored her insides with my fingers. Her breathing became heavier and I knew she was nearly ready to be fucked. I lowered myself between her legs and I licked over the top of her white panties where her juices had started to leak through, she tasted delicious and hearing her moan louder and louder made me need her like I’d never needed any woman in my life. I picked her up and threw her onto the bed. Her giggles filled the room as she landed on the mattress, her sweet and innocent persona was seductive as hell and I wanted her. “Are you ready for my massive dick sweet angel”, I asked her. She nodded in response and I slipped her panties down her body to reveal a tiny little cunt, it looked perfect, and juicy just the way I liked them to be.  I opened her legs wide and climbed on top of her, my body weight pinning her slight frame to the mattress. I pulled my dick from my jeans, it was hard and ready, I placed my fingers between her legs again to make sure she was wet enough. She didn’t disappoint, she was still soaking wet in anticipation. Slowly I inched my dick inside her tiny little slit, it felt heavenly, but I moved slowly, I didn’t want to hurt my sweet angel. She gasped as I entered her, unsure at first of the sensation that was filling her. I moved slowly, gently taking her nipples in my mouth as my cock started to take over her body. Her eyes were completely fixed on me, big innocent eyes, full of lust and passion for me, she really was the perfect girl. I drilled a bit deeper into her, stopping to check she was ok. She was starting to enjoy it and her shy sweet moans filled the room as my massive dick invaded her beautiful teenage pussy. I started to move faster and harder, taking her body as my own to do with as I pleased. I was fucking her, and she was meeting every thrust I made. I knew I was going to cum inside her quickly, I knew I couldn’t last long; after all she had been a fantasy of mine for as long as I could remember. My dick penetrated her, spreading her tiny hole as far as it could go, she was so tight and so innocent that I couldn’t take it any longer. I pounded her body fast and hard in a frenzy to spill my load inside her. When I did, I erupted, so hard and so fast I thought that my dick was going to explode. It was the best orgasm of my life and best of all I had the sweet little virgin all night long and I was going to make her cum in every single way possible.


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