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Two Sexy Students Escorts

Liz and Caroline were lovers. Some people might have called the sexy students lesbian lovers, but it would be far more accurate to say that they were in fact bisexual girls. While they were each other's favourite sex partners, they were quite happy to be fucked by a sexy guy as well. They were both just 19 years old and students at a UK university. They'd actually been at school together, and had made special arrangements to go on to the same institution of higher education. They'd even arranged to have rooms next to one another in the halls of residence. The truth was, however, that they rarely slept in separate beds. More often than not they ended up in Caroline's room. It was no small miracle that they managed this, and testament to their commitment to one another. First of all, like all university beds, Caroline's was rather small. Second, although the sexy students were slim, Liz was very busty - a cracking 36DD. Yet they managed, even though sleeping in such close proximity to each other was a recipe for intense lesbian sex every single night of the week! The other problem they had was money. Of course, this wasn't uncommon for students, but Liz and Caroline felt the pinch more than most because of their love of going out and partying. Their adventurous natures and taste for sexy fun soon led them to a solution: they would work part-time as London escorts for a major London escort agency. Because they were both exceptionally sexy they had no trouble finding one of the best UK escort agencies. The only condition they made was that the sexy students didn't want to be fucked separately, at least not at first. They would would only participate in duo appointments with guys who wanted to book a pair of sexy bisexual escorts for a threesome. Needless to say, they didn't have to wait long to get their first client. The top London escort agency had taken some sexy photos of the bisexual duo and within  an hour of them being posted on the escort agency website they had a booking. The two sexy young escorts hurried around to the hotel and excitedly knocked on the door of the room. The client was Mr. Johnson and he smiled broadly as he opened to door to a vision of teenage escort loveliness. Both girls were tall - Lizzie slightly more so than Caroline. Lizzie had long brown hair, a slim but voluptuous figure and those big stunning breasts. Caroline was slimmer with a tight arse and short dark brown hair. Mr. Johnson got a smile and a kiss on the cheek from both girls. Five minutes later both sexy students were naked on the king size bed, kissing frantically. Caroline began to do her favourite trick. Putting her hand between Lizzie's legs, she drove her thumb deep into the busty bisexual escort's pussy, seeking out the deep spots where she knew Lizzie felt the most pleasure. She would do this for thirty seconds at a time before pulling her thumb out and dragging the tip of it up across Lizzie's clit, making the busty London callgirl gasp with pleasure. Liking what he saw, Mr. Johnson decided it was time to join in. Slipping off the bathrobe he was wearing, he joined them on the bed. He was immediately confronted with a dilemma: which of the two bisexual escorts should he fuck first? He was a fit guy for his age, and he had no doubt that he would be able to do them both justice, but for the moment he was frozen with indecision. Lizzie solved his problem for him by disengaging from her lover and lying flat on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide. This suited Mr. Johnson down to the ground. Something of a traditionalist, he loved nothing better than getting his hands under a girl's arse and fucking her in missionary position - especially if the girl in question was a sexy bisexual London escort. Within moments Mr. Johnson was probing the entrance to her pussy. He then slid into the surprisingly tight depths as he licked and kissed the erect nipples on her superbly well-developed breasts. As he began to fuck her, Caroline decided that she didn't want to be left out. Her friend was lying next to her on the bed, locked in embrace with Mr. Johnson and getting what seemed to be the fucking of her life. Caroline decided to enhance their client's pleasure by using a trick she'd read about but never tried. She licked the forefinger of her right hand. Reaching over to Mr. Johnson's backside, she slid her wet finger a couple of inches inside, searching the for small bulb of his prostate. She found it quickly, and as soon as her finger made a gentle pressure she heard him gasp. With her other hand she reached between Mr. Johnson's legs and began to tease and stroke his balls with her fingertips. The effect was electrifying - within a few more strokes he blew his load - pumping Liz full of hot cum. He lay back exhausted and looked at the sexy students who were once more getting stuck into each other, bent on the most intense orgasms they could manage.


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