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Two Bisexual Swedish Escorts Give VIP Treatment (Part 1)

Having had a successful week at the office Gavin decided he’d earned a well-deserved reward. Of course the 30-year-old lawyer had been paid handsomely but the London-born legal eagle fancied something a little more personal. He picked up the phone in his small but no less impressive Canary Wharf office and dialed the number from memory. He was a regular client of one of the capital’s best escort agencies and the receptionist who answered his call recognized his voice in an instant. Gavin’s reservation was quick and easy – something that he appreciated when personal time was a luxury. Having browsed the gallery of girls he settled on two Swedish escorts that both happened to be bisexual – lucky for him! As a VIP client, he knew the established agency would go above and beyond to cater to him. With this in mind Gavin ordered a limousine to receive him outside his office in just a few hours. What’s more, the pair of bisexual Swedish call girls would be waiting for him inside! The young lawyer from London had never booked these particular girls before. He made a habit of getting to know as many of the various hot young call girls as he could. It was only fair that he split his time between them, after all. When the hour came he received a call telling him that his limousine and two beautiful Swedish escorts were waiting for him. Sure enough, the black limo was there, the driver waiting with the door held open for him. With a smile Gavin climbed in to find the horny Swedish call girls with empty champagne glasses in hand. “Don’t worry, we didn’t start without you!” reassured one of the girls. True enough, both glasses were dry and the champagne bottle was still unopened. “Shall we?” asked the other Swedish escort girl, offering Gavin a glass. Gavin gladly accepted the offered glass and watched the girls as they began serving the champagne. Needless to say, the girls from this high class escort agency were stunning. They were both tall, with lovely long legs and the most beautiful blonde hair. Even their perfect bodies were similar – both slim and toned. He had booked a table at one of London’s finest restaurants, The Ivy. It was perhaps a 30-minute journey depending on traffic. Knowing London, they probably had a little bit of time for getting to know each other better before their arrival. Gavin unbuttoned his collar and loosened his tie. This was the way to relax after a busy week. Nothing was better than unwinding with two sexy Swedish escorts. The hot young call girls were giggling and sat either side of him, despite having all the room in the world in the VIP stretch limousine that Gavin had ordered. The successful VIP client felt a hand on his crotch, and then another. This was going to be an incredible ride, he thought to himself. He leaned back and closed his eyes. Being the elite Swedish escorts that they were, the girls took this as a sign. Gavin felt their hands unbuckling his belt and unzipping his expensive trousers. A warm sensation enveloped not just his already rock hard cock but his balls too. As one of the horny Swedish escorts had started sucking his dick, the other had taken it upon herself to gently tease his balls with her tongue – such dedication. The car jolted as it bounced over a speed-bump and he felt the dick-sucking Swedish escort almost swallow his genitalia whole. The VIP client moaned as the hot young call girls began to suck with ever increasing ferocity. They had at this point changed roles, seemingly keen to make sure they shared nicely. Gavin could feel his balls tightening and a small smile crept into the corners of the Swedish call girl’s mouth as she felt the salty taste of pre-cum. “So which of us gets to drink up your cum, Gavin?” asked the pair of Swedish escorts. They were both on their knees, as if imploring to be selected. Gavin had an idea. “Let’s make it a competition”, he suggested. The girls’ bright blue eyes lit up at the prospect. “You each get 10 seconds before swapping over again. Whoever makes me cum first wins!” said the outcall client. The Swedish escort girls nodded eagerly – they were ready. Needless to say the two Scandinavian escorts were very enthusiastic. The first knew that she was at a disadvantage – her outcall client was unlikely to blow his load in the first 10 seconds, no matter how skilled she was. So she started slowly, teasing his shaft with her tongue. All the while she looked up at him with those big blue eyes. Her 10 seconds were up. Now it was the turn her bisexual partner who knew Gavin was now warmed up. With this in mind she plunged her mouth down on to his veiny cock, gagging as she did so. Gavin groaned in pleasure as she swallowed his dick, coating it with her warm saliva. He felt a tingling sensation and knew that it would be impossible to hold out for long – but long enough that her 10 seconds were up. The first of the Swedish escorts to go first smiled knowingly. It had been a good decision not to go full on first time round. She could tell from Gavin’s panting that he was close. This time she wasn’t so subtle. With a slurping sound she sucked on the end of his dick, all the while jerking the shaft with expert rhythm and speed. Gavin’s eyes widened and his balls tightened as he tried to resist, but it was an impossible task. A sudden rush of euphoria overcame him as he felt his balls empty and the hot sperm rush through his shaft. The winning Scandinavian call girl closed her mouth tighter around his cock, keen to ensure she swallowed every last drop. Her head jolted with the force of his cum as it burst into the warm confines or her mouth. These Swedish escorts were very talented! All the while, her bisexual partner looked on with envy, disappointed to have lost but also aroused watching the other Swedish escort drink up the sperm. But the dick-sucking Swede wasn’t done yet. With cum still seeping into her mouth she had begun to slide her lips up and down Gavin’s member. He could feel her warm lips and the hot cum, enveloping his still erect penis. It became clear to the 30-year-old lawyer that the Swedish escorts from the best London escort agency was trying to make him cum a second time, again into her mouth. With a sort of sexual greediness she had begun to deep throat his dick, cum tricking out of the corners of her mouth. Not wanting to miss out on the action, her bisexual partner rolled up the dress of the other Scandinavian call girl and pulled her knickers to one side. Without hesitation she buried her face into the cock-sucking Swedish escort’s pussy. Gavin hadn’t thought it possible that he could cum again, not after having drained his balls just a minute ago. But here he was, watching with fascination as one Scandinavian call girl with a mouthful of cum deep-throated him, moaning as her bisexual partner began to tongue her tight pussy with vigor, all the while rubbing her clitoris beneath her pink lingerie. The threesome with the Swedish escorts was all too much for him, and he shivered as he once again spurted sperm down the throat of the escort from the best London escort agency. As the last drops were squeezed from his penis, the Swedish call girl with her mouth now bursting with cum turned around to her bisexual partner and grabbing either side of her face, pressed her mouth to her lips. They began to French kiss, sharing his gift like the well-behaved Swedish escorts that they were. Gavin watched in astonishment as they each swallowed it up and again sat down on either side of him. “This is going to be a fun night!” said one of the Scandinavian call girls. He’d already cum twice and they were only just arriving at The Ivy restaurant. As they hastily adjusted their clothing and had another glass of champagne, Gavin wondered what else the two Swedish call girls had in store for him that evening. A privacy screen had divided the driver and his passengers during the 30 minute journey though it was fair to say he knew what bisexual London escorts and their outcall clients got up to! He got out of the car and held the door open for the trio. Needless to say, Gavin was excited about the evening to come. The Swedish escort duo looked absolutely gorgeous. Both Swedish escorts were wearing tight-fitting skirts which were short but long enough that they could enter this posh West End restaurant. Being the gentleman he was, Gavin let the two bisexual call girls out before he exited the vehicle. This of course gave him the chance to admire their beautiful, perfectly formed asses. The Swedish escorts smiled at him and each took an arm as he led them into the expensive restaurant. Unsurprisingly, heads turned and jaws dropped as the successful young lawyer entered The Ivy with two Swedish escorts, one on each arm. After being shown to their table, it wasn’t long before their discussion turned from food to sex. To Gavin’s surprise, it was the Swedish escort duo that brought up the subject first, casually asking him about the times he’d had public sex. His answer was that he’d never fucked a girl anywhere other than indoors at his or her home. “Oh, Gavin!” whispered one of the beautiful Swedish girls, “Public sex is something you have to try at least once in your life.” Gavin had a feeling that all of this talk was leading somewhere. All of a sudden, the two Swedish escorts stood up. “We’re going to the bathroom. You might want to go yourself before dessert”, they smiled. Gavin felt his pants tighten as he achieved yet another erection. He watched them make their way to the bathroom, their asses wiggling as they walked. Gavin waited 30 seconds so as to not arouse suspicion and he too walked across the fancy restaurant to the bathrooms. Suddenly he realized that he would have to enter the women’s bathroom. Could he enter without being seen? Had the Swedish escort duo even entered? As he reached the bathroom doors he realized he had three options: men’s, women’s and the disabled toilet. It was as he was trying to weigh up the options that the door to the disabled toilet opened slightly, revealing a pair of beautiful blue eyes. “Gavin, in here!” she whispered. He hastily entered the bathroom to find the bisexual London escorts completely naked. The Swedish escorts had thrown their dressed and lingerie onto a dressing table in the corner. “We thought we’d have a little more space and privacy in here”, said one of the sexy bisexual callgirls, beckoning Gavin to them. Before he knew it, they were both all over him. His clothes were tugged off and tossed aside in a flurry of sexual passion. “Let’s skip the foreplay” said the blonde who was now massaging his balls. This suited Gavin just fine. The Swedish escort duo lined up against the wall and bent over, their bare asses facing Gavin. “We want you to fuck us Gavin. Fuck us now!” Equipped with a huge hard on, Gavin grabbed the ass of the first girl he reached and thrust it into her tight pussy. She shrieked with pleasure as he began to pound her from behind, his body clapping against her cute little ass. He quickly pulled out and thrust himself into the other bisexual London escort, not wanting her to feel left out. She bounced up against his dick like her life depended on it, her pussy juices dripping. Gavin continued to take turns fucking each of the Swedish escorts. Each time their pussies were wetter and wetter. Having already cum twice, Gavin felt he could hold out until he made them both cum. Suddenly the Swedish escorts turned around and began to rub their clitorises furiously. In between moans of ecstasy, one of the girls gasped and ordered him to jerk himself and cover them both with cum. The trio stood there, playing with themselves at increased speed. By now both sexy Swedish escorts were quivering, their perfect breasts bouncing as they pleasured themselves. One of the girls gasped, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” This shriek only made the other bisexual London escort rub her clit faster, determined to cum at the same time. At this point, Gavin could feel his balls aching, as if imploring to let him release. He didn’t need much encouragement when all of a sudden, both sexy Swedish escorts began to scream and squirt their juices as they reached orgasm. Collapsing to their knees and still shaking, the girls turned their faces upwards to the London lawyer, begging him to cover them with his cum. With a huge jolt, several spurts of cum flew from the tip of his penis, splattering against the faces of the Swedish escort duo. Gavin also collapsed to the floor, exhausted. The trio sat there, all covered in each other’s juices. It was fair to say they had a bit of cleaning up to do before they re-entered the restaurant!


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