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Twin Escorts fun for 40th birthday boy

I’d been fantasising about booking in with an escort for years, I’d often browsed the sites and wondered what it would be like to have a beautiful lady all to myself. It wasn’t until my 40th Birthday was approaching that I finally plucked up the courage to do it. I only wish I had done it sooner because what happened was one of the best nights of my life. I arrived at the girl’s in call apartment, I had booked identical twin escorts and when I saw them my dick was instantly hard as a rock. They both had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. They were young too, just 18 and they looked absolutely stunning stood there in their sexy red lingue as I had requested. I could have cum in my trousers just standing there looking at them in their little matching panties. They were called Annabelle and Izzy and they both had spectacular bodies, they were flawless from head to toe and I couldn’t wait to get my big hands on their perky little breasts. As I entered the room one of the twins linked her arm through mine and walked me over to the sofa where the other twin sat. She sat me on the sofa and they both sat either side of me, giggling and playing with my hair and body, running their hands all over me seductively. It wasn’t long before one of them grabbed my face and stuck her sexy tongue down my throat and to my surprise the other one soon joined in so that we were in a three- way tongue battle. I slid my tongue between theirs, taking it in turns to suck on each of their juicy lips. My dick was getting hard in my trousers and as if reading my mind one of the twins undid my zip and pulled my trousers straight down. She started stroking my cock, pulling it up and down in smooth motions whilst her other hand gripped onto my balls, fondling them and squeezing them. The other twin still had her tongue stuck down my throat and it felt like I was in heaven. I felt my dick enter Annabelle’s mouth and Izzy stood up next to me and pulled her panties to the side. Before I knew it, she was sat on top of my face pushing my tongue inside her little pussy. As she forced her cute little pussy into my face her sister continued her relentless suction on my cock. She was sucking on me hard, swirling her tongue around around my massive dick, shoving it straight to the back of her throat, I could hear her gagging and it turned me on even more. I could barely concentrate on Izzy’s beautiful pussy, but she made sure I licked her good and hard, grabbing my head with her hands and shoving my tongue deep inside her wet little hole. I grabbed onto her perky arse as I devoured her insides greedily. These girls were sensational. I felt Annabelle stand and Izzy unmounted my face, the twin that had been sucking my balls and cock came and stuck her tongue on my face, licking up the remains of the juices that her sister’s pussy had left behind on my lips. She moved away and both girls started taking off their underwear, revealing their perfectly matching tits. Four perfect pink nipples were looking at me, both girls approached me and started rubbing their tits all over my face, begging me to suck on their nipples and put my hands inside them. Soon each of my hands were occupied as my fingers delved inside each of the twin’s glorious fuck holes. I was fingering them both at the same time as they perky little breasts bounced in my face. They couldn’t get enough of me. I needed to cum, one of the twins stood and straddled me, she forcefully sat down on top of my dick and pushed her pussy down on me. She started to ride me hard and I felt her sister starting to lick on my balls from below, sucking them into her mouth. The twin that was fucking me begged her sister to stick her tongue up her arse, she obliged, and I was fucking one twin whilst the other had her dirty little tongue up her sisters tight little arse hole. I was in heaven and I couldn’t control it. I started to cum straight inside my hot little twin. My dick convulsed over and over as I broke into the biggest orgasm of my life. I filled her sweet little pussy to the brim, and it was only a matter of time before I would be filling her sisters too.


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