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Hot Russian Call Girl Toying With His Affections

Sandrine knew that he was ready to go again. The hot Russian escort loved how horny this guy was. She slipped into the bathroom and washed the spunk off her face. She loved a good facial but she wanted to get cleaned up for her next seduction. She put on a sexy black bustière that pushed her gorgeous D cup breasts into an alluring cleavage but left her hips, ass and pussy bare. With a final check in the mirror to ensure that she was looking her mind-blowing best, she went back into the bedroom. His eyes widened when he saw the hot Russian escort and his cock swelled back to a full hard on. She smiled in appreciation and went over to the shopping bags that had been dropped on the floor in their sexual haste earlier. Finding the box that she was looking for, she slipped its contents into the palm of her hand. 'What are you up to?' he asked, recognising the naughty look on her beautiful face. The busty escort just smiled and crawled up the bed and along his body until she straddled his lower belly just above his straining cock. 'It's a surprise,' the hot Russian escort said biting her lower lip, 'You like my surprises, don't you?' She was right. He did love the surprises that this inventive escort managed to think up. That agile mind mixed with her incredible body were what made him come back for date after date with her. Sandrine dropped the straps of her lingerie off her shoulders and lifted her breasts free. His hands reached for the firm, round flesh and squeezed them. He sighed with pleasure and she gasped at his touch. 'You get me so horny,' she said as she slid back a little and took his hard cock inside her pussy. His fingers rolled her nipples and gave them little pinches that brought squeaks of delight from the hot Russian escort. She rocked back and forth, her pussy tight and wet. 'Spread your legs,' she said. He gave her a curious look but trusted in her expertise. Her hand reached behind her back and a low buzzing sound drifted to his ears. A slow smile of realisation spread across his face and then his whole body jolted. They'd bought the tiny but powerful vibrator together on their shopping trip and he'd assumed that she intended to use it on herself. Sandrine pressed the vibrator against his perineum. The vibrations reached the hot Russian escort's own clit providing her with little waves of pleasure but she knew that the effect on her lover would be much more powerful. He was gasping and his body twisted and jerked beneath her. His grip on her breasts strengthened as he lost himself to the erotic onslaught that overwhelmed his senses. The sight of him and the knowledge that she was doing this to him gave the young London escort a sexual kick that sent her climax crashing through her. At the same time, her lover's body went rigid and he cried out, his body jolting several times before he lay back exhausted yet entirely satisfied.


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