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Toy Loving Blonde Call Girl in Watersports Climax

The escort with blonde hair gave a delicious little moan. Sounds of Monika's erotic pleasure filled the room. It sent thrills through him, stiffening his cock and swelling his balls. The Marylebone escort lay on the latex sheet, her lithe body writhing in response to the large vibrator that she thrust in and out of her wet pussy. He could see her arousal in the way that the sexy blonde escort's pink nipples had hardened, pointing her large, firm breasts towards the ceiling. He could see it also in the amount of cum that coated the shaft of her vibrator each time she pulled it back. The Marylebone escort's tanned legs were open, giving him an uninterrupted view of her pleasuring herself. The soft buzz of her vibrator increasing with intensity each time she pressed the button. He loved to watch her sexy, nubile body buck and grind against the imitation cock. The way the body of the blonde escort jolted when she pressed the stimulator hard against her clit, the moans and groans, the scent of her sex and the splashing of the thrusting vibrator all came together to form a deep, intense ache in his groin. There was a building pressure that he just longed to give vent to. He climbed onto the bed, enjoying the sensation of the smooth rubber under his knees. Monika looked at him, her eyes wild and unfocused. He kissed the Marylebone escort's parted lips and the hot blonde escort kissed him back, whimpering as his added stimulus increased her ardour. Brushing his hands over the top of her sensitive, hard nipples, he got a kick out of her response. He watched the blonde escort arch her back, pressing her breasts into his hands, desperate for more of his touch. Feeling wicked, he withdrew from her and left her bereft. Tears of frustration formed in the corners of her beautiful eyes. Moving down the bed, he positioned himself between her open legs. Monika had gorgeous, toned legs. Next time he'd  give them the attention they deserved. His attention returned to the thrusting vibrator and the building pressure in his groin. Soon, that would be him. Damn, this blonde escort was so sexy. He saw a quiver run up her thigh and noticed that when her hips jolted she was holding herself still for longer and longer, twisting against the clitoral stimulator. The Marylebone escort was almost there and the pressure in his groin became unbearable as he listened to her pant and moan. Monika froze and held the vibrator hard against her clit. The sexy blonde escort began to tremble. 'Yes,' he whispered, 'Come on baby, you can do it.' Slowly she twisted, her mouth opened and she groaned loudly. He could see her pussy contract around the vibrator, squeezing it rhythmically. 'Oh fuck, yes,' she called out. It was what he'd been waiting for. Taking a firm hold of his erect cock, he pushed it down and released the pressure. Golden piss showered the blonde escort's orgasmic body, splashing over her breasts, her tummy, her pussy and her thighs. The sexy Marylebone escort writhed in the throes of her climax, her gorgeous body sliding over the piss wet latex. He watched the vibrator slip from her pussy as her body shuddered uncontrollably. With a confident thrust, he entered her still pulsing pussy and fucked her until she came again. Watersports with Monika was the highlight of his visits to London!


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