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Threesome with a Bisexual Polish Call Girl

The bisexual Polish escort couldn't believe how lucky she was to live a life filled with so much erotic delight. Lily's sexy body shivered with the onslaught of pleasure as she indulged her bisexual desires. She loved dates with couples. The three-way flirtation, the anticipation, the contrast of male and female attention; it was all so thrilling. Her curvaceous body shivered again. A little gasp from further up the bed indicated that Lily's expert tongue was appreciated. She pressed her fingers into the soft female thighs that cupped her face and sucked on the swollen clit as it trembled beneath her skilled touch. The bisexual Polish escort would have found going down on this women horny enough even without the huge dick that was pounding her pussy from behind. She heard another gasp - louder this time. The thrusting from behind became more insistent. Lily pushed back, her creamy ass in the air where her lover could watch his cock sliding in and out of her tight, slippery pussy. Those soft thighs that cupped her bobbing head were squeezing her as her female lover's climax approached. The wet sucking of oral attention and the slapping sound of a cock slamming her pussy filled the room. Gasping, moaning, groaning; the three of them were close to an almighty three-way orgasm. The Paddington escort slid two fingers inside the woman's pussy and was almost crushed between those soft thighs. Lily knew exactly how to hold everything in place until they were all ready. 'Now,' said the man behind her, 'It has to be now.' The bisexual Polish escort's fingers pressed hard against the g-spot ridge inside the woman's pussy and were almost crushed by the strength of the orgasm that gripped her female lover. At the same time, she let go of her own control. Her slim, sexy body flooded with ecstasy while the man gripped her hips and pumped his climax deep within her shuddering pussy. Feeling the man begin to lose control of his legs, the bisexual Polish escort slid forward up the naked body of her female lover, allowing him to collapse on top of them both. They lay in a blissful heap of tangled limbs. Once again, Lily couldn't believe how lucky she was to be working for London's best escort agency.


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