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Three Sexy Call Girls and One Lucky Client

Three Sexy Escorts and One Lucky Client As Chris watched the sexy escorts strip each other of their clothes, he knew he had made one of the best decisions of his life. A London advertising executive, he had an uncompromising nature that extended beyond his work. He knew what he liked, what he wanted and didn’t so things by halves. So when one day a friend recommended a leading London escort agency, he took time out his busy schedule to take a look at the sexy escorts on offer. After all, he needed to relax and unwind now and then. Unlike his friend, the outcall client didn’t end up booking one sexy escort. In fact, Chris didn’t even book a duo of London escort girls. Here in front of him were three sexy escorts: one blonde, one brunette and one redhead. The advertising executive had been keen to experience variety and that is exactly what he’d got. Now the three sexy escorts were stripping each other of their sexy outfits, excited to get to the naughty fun that awaited them. The bisexual trio had begun to kiss and caress each other but quickly remembered that they had an outcall client who was patiently waiting. Giggling, they ran over to the bed and joined him. It was the beautiful blonde escort who suggested that they started by providing him with some slow and sensual OWO. It certainly wasn’t a bad idea! While it had been the beautiful blonde escort’s idea, it was the hot redhead that insisted on going first. The sexy escorts tugged at Chris’s trousers and boxers, desperate to unleash the beast. The hot redhead escort’s eyes lit up as she discovered the huge, veiny cock. Her warm and wet mouth closed around it and she let her lips and tongue slide along the shaft, never breaking eye contact with her outcall client. All the while, the beautiful blonde and brunette escorts encouraged her, kissed Chris and fondled each other’s breasts. With one man and three sexy escorts, nobody need feel left out! It wasn’t long before the sexy brunette and blonde escorts were sucking on their outcall client’s dick as well. Needless to say, Chris was in heaven with the oral efforts of the sexy escorts. It was soon time for the escort agency girls to come up with something even more erotic. The beautiful blonde escort had just released her client’s huge dick with a pop when she climbed on top of him and immediately sat on it. She giggled at the jealous looks from her bisexual girlfriends. The fun-loving girl had taken the initiative and that was to be rewarded. Chris concentrated on thrusting in and out, up and down in response to the beautiful blonde’s movements. She moaned and squeezed her own breasts as she felt his large dick penetrate deep inside her tight wet pussy. Chris had to make a real effort to tear his eyes off the erotic sight of the blonde escort. He was glad he did because the hot redhead and sexy brunette were passionately French kissing, gurgles of contentment escaping their throats. The hot redhead escort broke off from the French kissing and sat herself down on Chris’s face as the blonde continued to bounce on the outcall client’s rigid dick. Chris eagerly ate the hot redhead escort’s pussy, her juices trickling down the sides of his face as he did so. Two of the bisexual trio were being pleasured in the most intense way and they made this known by their moans and groans. All the while, the sexy brunette waited. Her patience would most certainly be rewarded. Sure enough, Chris could hold back no longer. Keen to get the brunette escort involved he beckoned her as he got himself up to a kneeling position. The sexy brunette lay back on the bed and heard his roar as his cum erupted from his cock, covering her face and her big breasts. The blonde and the hot redhead eagerly helped clean it up with the use of their tongues. Chris was absolutely spent. But choosing a bisexual trio from London’s best escort agency had clearly been an excellent decision.


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