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The Underwear Escort Girls

David found that one of the best things about working for a top London advertising agency was that he got to meet some outstandingly beautiful women. Every now and then his boss would send him out on a photoshoot to make sure that the photographer understood exactly what was needed by the design team back at the agency. On this particular day, David found that he had struck lucky. He had been sent to a luxury apartment in Mayfair that the agency had rented for a shoot for a major lingerie manufacturer's advertising campaign. When he got there the whole place was packed out with gorgeous young models wearing only the skimpiest silk and satin underwear. Each and every one of these stunning girls seemed to have a sexy Eastern European accent. David quickly realised that these were all London escort girls. When an ad agency needs lots of girls for a shoot it will often approach a London escort agency to meet its needs. This is because escort girls are much friendlier and easy to work with than professional models, who are inclined to be rather bitchy. It didn't take David very long to find the photographer and his assistant. Both were rather stressed out and David was smart enough to work out that they ere quite capable of doing their jobs without him. He'd probably only get in the way anyway. So he sneaked off to do a little market research on the horny young blonde and brunette escort girls who were all over the flat. There must have been about twenty of them, but the flat was so huge with so many rooms that it was difficult to be sure. David kept finding them in bedrooms and bathrooms, reading magazines and chatting to one another, waiting to be called for their shoots. From the trouble the photographer was having with his lights, David surmised that the girls would be waiting for quite some time. It was at that moment when he walked into a bedroom where two bisexual escorts were passionately kissing on the bed. Both girls were slim and blonde, and each was dressed only in a tiny pair of blue silk panties. The thing about London escort girls - and David had some experience of them - is that once they get started, there's simply no stopping them. Seeing David enter the room, the girl on top jumped up and grabbed his hand, pulling him down on to the bed with them. Within moments he felt the two escorts' hands running up and down his body, between his legs, and feeling for the zip on his fly. David was too cool not to go with the flow, and within moments his lips had found the mouth of the blonde escort girl who was lying flat on her back. As he kissed her passionately, the other girl set about taking his trousers and boxers off, so he was lying on top of the lower girl in just his shirt. His cock, which was already rock hard, brushed against the damp fabric of her panties. He pushed a little, feeling the warm lips of the girl's labia part a little under the pressure of his cock, but restrained by the fabric that still lay in the way. He used his fingers and tongue on her nipples to bring them to a high state of erection, until the sexy young bisexual escort was gasping and moaning with pleasure, begging and panting to have him inside her. Her wish soon came true. Reaching underneath himself for a second, David ripped off her panties and primed himself for penetration. He thrust slowly and steadily, feeling the tight moistness of the young escort's pussy engulf him. He began to fuck her, pushing in hard and deep and enjoying the sensation of her pussy caressing his cock. Above them, her escort friend wasn't planning on missing any of the action. At first she just cupped and stroked David's balls. But after a fw minutes she decided to go a little further. Licking her forefinger, she pushed it gently into David's arse, feeling around for his prostate. When she found it, he lasted only a few seconds longer - it was like someone had touched a magic button. Gritting his teeth and groaning, he exploded inside the sexy young escort girl he was fucking, feeling the other girl's finger in his arse and hand on his balls.


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