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The Ultimate GFE Call Girl

Champagne was something that Christina hadn't been offered regularly in her short career as a London escort girl. But tonight the sexy GFE escort was enjoying a few glasses of Moet and Chandon's finest. Her client - Mark - was a sexy, dark-haired guy in his early thirties. He worked in the advertising business and seemed to have lots of money to spend on wining and dining high class VIP call girls. At the start of their overnight outcall date Mark had asked her if he could have the full GFE: a girlfriend experience. The young escort was only too happy to oblige. After all, he was a sexy guy and she was looking forward to getting intimate with him. As they sipped their champagne during the meal, they played footsie under the table. Christina ran her foot up Mark's suit trouser leg while looking into his eyes. He admired her slightly rounded face, long blonde hair and slim but busty figure. The GFE escort and her outcall client didn't bother with dessert and instead went straight to their hotel room. Mark had spared no expense preparing for his outcall date with the sexy young call girl. Their luxurious hotel suite was the most high-class the busty escort had ever seen. There was even more champagne on ice. "I think," said Mark, turning to her, "it's time for that GFE." Christina smiled, took hold of the lapels of his jacket and pulled him towards her. The sexy blonde escort kissed him tenderly on the lips. She met all kinds of gentlemen during the course of her work as a VIP London outcall escort. And the ones who liked a nice girlfriend experience were the ones she liked best. As she kissed him she felt his hands running up the silk that encased her legs, and up her little black dress. His hands found her lacy stocking tops, then slid round to grasp the cheeks of her arse to pull her pussy towards him. Feeling bare flesh, they stopped in surprise. The hot GFE escort detached her lips and smiled at him coyly. "Well," she said, "you didn't expect underwear, did you? Not on a date like this?" He smiled back and lifted her dress over her head. She was telling the truth: apart from a lacy black suspender belt and stockings, she was naked underneath. The London escort's large breasts needed no support, but sat up by themselves. Looking down, Mark noticed that her pussy was perfectly shaved. However he didn't get a chance to look for long as the sexy young escort was quickly on her knees. It was time for some OWO - just like a real girlfriend should give. She unzipped Mark's trousers, and his cock was quickly in her mouth. She'd heard from other call girls at her escort agency that the trick to giving great OWO was to imagine that you were doing it to your own boyfriend, and never to shy away from the CIM. Such advice was wasted on this particular horny GFE escort, who simply loved to suck cock. Christina took allowed it so slide to the back of her throat. She sucked it vigorously, plunging her throat down on it at an increasingly fast pace. Very soon he was at the stage where CIM was almost inevitable. Wishing to keep the outcall going, Christina began to pull her mouth, carefully and lovingly, away from his cock so that he still had plenty of cum left to shoot inside her. Mark had other ideas and firmly guided the horny escort's head back into position with his hands. He wanted to give her the full load. The sexy VIP escort began to suck harder, and with a faster rhythm. She changed position as, unable to stand up under the onslaught of pleasure, her outcall client was forced to sit down on the edge of the bed. Moments later he cried out, and suddenly the teenage escort's mouth was full of a thick load of cum. The blonde GFE escort loved to take down her clients' full loads in one swallow, but this time there was just so much that it wasn't possible. She relished the prolonged sensation of warm, hot cum flowing down her throat as she swallowed, twice. She really wanted some pleasure too - but how was she going to get it now? Most clients liked a little while to recovered from shooting a load that big. She had her vibrator but it wasn't the same as a real cock. But she needn't have worried. Carefully lifting her up, Mark laid the young escort on the bed, kissing her neck, tummy and breasts as he did. Then he went to work on the pussy itself, probing and licking with his tongue, dipping inside to taste her juices, and using the tip of his tongue to make her clit grow and swell. As her first orgasm began to shudder through her, Christina looked up at the ceiling and looked forward to having his re-hardened cock inside her. Ths escort girl was going to make sure that this was one GFE her client would never forget.


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