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The Tall Escort Girl

Andy wasn't what you'd call a particularly imposing kind of guy. He was fit, and although no longer young, he had a fine, toned body. However he was a little on the short side. This didn't bother him much in itself, but over the years it had left him with a distinctive sexual taste - he loved girls who were taller than him. He also loved sexy incall and outcall escorts from elite London agencies, and every now and then he would combine his two tastes by booking an appointment with a tall girl who just so happened to be an escort. This particular afternoon he'd booked an outcall appointment with a new girl at his favourite London escort agency. Her name was Lizzie. She had shoulder-length light brown hair, a curvy 36DD figure and the sort of sexy pout that only a self-confident teen escort can manage. Best of all from Andy's point of view, she was almost six foot tall. He was certainly very pleased when the sexy female escort appeared on his doorstep. She was wearing a short tight skirt and a jacket. Underneath the jacket was a tight white blouse through which he could see a black bra that was struggling to restrain her magnificent boobs. The sexy tall girl was, as requested, wearing high heels, so Andy's eyes were about level with where her nipples would be. Without further ado, Andy led her upstairs to his bedroom, making small talk all the way. Upon arriving in the bedroom, Andy gently placed his hands on the breasts of the busty teenage escort. 'Do you mind if I undress you?' he politely asked. She smiled. 'Go right ahead.' This was exactly how Andy liked it. He preferred his girls submissive, and Lizzie knew exactly how to play the game. She stood there obediently. The first thing he eased off was her jacket. As it came off the her shoulders, the sexy brunette callgirl pushed her chest out so that her fantastic busty figure strained underneath her thin shirt. Next, her skirt fall to her knees. Then, button by button, the blouse was removed. The sexy young escort girl stood in front of Andy in just her sexy black bra and panties. The bra was next. The thin bra gave way immediately under the mass of her breasts. The hot tall girl slid the bra off to reveal two perfectly creamy globes, each one surmounted by an erect nipple. Andy put his head between them and gently pushed them together with his hands, enjoying the sensation of the warm flesh engulfing his head. As he did this, the sexy teenage escort dealt with her knickers, easing them off and dropping them around her ankles. Andy slipped a hand between her legs to feel her smooth pussy. Andy liked his London escort girls submissive, but he also liked them to have a say in how they got fucked. Lifting his head from Lizzie's cleavage and releasing her breasts so they swung free once more, he asked her what she wanted. She put her finger to her lips and pouted sexily. After thinking for a few seconds she replied, 'I think I'd like it in my ass. Is that fine with you?' That was fine with Andy. He motioned her to lie back on the bed while he stripped off. Then he took a bottle of lube. He lifted Lizzie's long legs up and pushed them towards her body. Her breasts bounced around as he did so. Below, her tight arsehole was exposed beneath one of the best looking pussies Andy had seen. The outcall client applied a blob of lube to her arse, and placed the tip of his cock against it. He pushed in a little. Then in one slow and steady thrust he penetrated deep into the arse of the tall girl. Andy was almot taken aback by how tight her arse was - it seemed to grip his cock like a hand and wank him off as he thrust back and forth. He knew he couldn't last long, so he was pleased to see that Lizzie was getting as much pleasure out of it as he was. She gasped and groaned, and reached down with one of her hands to rub and tease her clitoris and pussy, which was glistening wet with juice. In just a few minutes they came together, Andy pumping his load out into the tightness of Lizzie's arse, the tall and sexy callgirl crying and whimpering with pleasure as she enjoyed double penetration - a cock in her arse and two fingers in her pussy. Andy knew for a fact that this particular tall girl would definitely be worth booking again!


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