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The Sexy Shop Escort Girl

Juggling two careers is never easy, but for Juliet it was particularly challenging. As well as working in a branch of a major department store in the West End of London, the shop girl was also a sexy incall and outcall escort with a successful London escort agency. Balancing the two jobs was sometimes a bit of a problem, but it was also fun. One of the main benefits of working at the West End department store was her uniform. Working behind the perfume and cosmetics counter, she had to wear a sexy white uniform that made her look like a naughty nurse! On the few occasions that the sexy shop girl finished work late and not had time to change, she'd found that her outcall and incall clients actually preferred she wore her uniform! Another big advantage of working at the department store in the West End was the staff discount! This allowed her to get her favourite makeup, perfumes and of course, some super sexy lingerie! If anything, her London clients benefited greatly from her 'other' job. Juliet was petite with pert B cup breasts. Her skin - as one would expect from a cosmetics counter girl - was honey-coloured and flawless while her long brown hair was styled straight and sexy. But what stood out most was the shop girl's beautiful deep blue eyes. Whenever Juliet's clients wrote reviews of her on online forums they always mentioned her eyes. They also usually talked about the fantastic GFE and OWO she offered which were comparable to some of the very best escorts in the world. Juliet had several regular clients, and Charlie was typical of them. A media executive based in Soho, he often popped around after work for a quick incall appointment in Juliet's Oxford Circus flat. They often arrived from work at about the same time, and Charlie would make tea and bring along cakes for a little light refreshment before they got stuck into the real purpose of the meeting - hot sex! It usually began with them kissing and cuddling on the sofa, having finished their very British snack of tea and cakes. As per Charlie's request, Juliet would still be wearing her uniform but it was never long before she was totally naked! The sexy young teenage escort girl was slim and petite, and Charlie liked to hold on to her backside and pull her gently backwards and forwards as he felt his cock explore the warm, wet depths of the sexy shop girl's pussy. On other occasions Juliet liked to give her client OWO. Like most girls who worked for London escort agencies, she just loved to give head. She would wait until Charlie was on the sofa and then suddenly pounce on his crotch, unzipping his trousers and greedily taking his cock into her mouth while it was still hardening. The shop girl loved the feeling of his dick growing as she sucked, licked and ran the tip of her tongue over it. Charlie particularly enjoyed having his balls kissed - the young London escort would do this lovingly, taking one all the way into her mouth and gently sucking on it while running her fingers around the tip of Charlie's cock. This nearly always made him come hard, and sometimes Juliet had to be quick to get her mouth over the end of his cock in time to catch the load of spunk as it pumped out. Some girls liked to have clients come all over them, but not Juliet - she wanted it inside her. She loved above all things the hot salty taste of spunk as she sucked and milked it from Charlie's rock hard cock, squeezing his balls to get every last drop out. The one thing that Juliet hadn't yet experienced with Charlie was an MMF threesome - he'd promised to bring one of his friends along one day and let her feel what DP was like. Juliet could hardly wait - being fucked by two cocks was definitely her idea of fun!


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