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The secret life of Sarah in accounting

Sarah was a complicated woman. She wanted the best in life, and she was prepared to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. And in Sarah’s case, she moonlighted as an escort! It was a dual existence, which is what made things complicated sometimes, but it was worth it. She wasn’t just any sort of London escort, she was a very high class companion, and she charged a premium fee for her clients to spend time with her. She was strict with this too. She’d heard too many stories about other girls who had taken to the escorting route to earn a living and just ended up getting taken advantage of by a guy who ended up getting “preferential rates!” Whilst Sarah loved all of her regular clients with a passion that’s rare in the independent escort business, she wasn’t about to be taken for a ride (no pun intended!) She strongly believed that this level of professionalism really endeared her to her clients too. Sarah worked in accounting at a well known bank (left undisclosed). She liked this job too of course, she loved her friends and work colleagues and she often went out socialising with them. She managed to keep her two lives very separate because she didn’t really advertise anywhere anymore. She’d once been with an agency a few years ago and she’d met some lovely guys in that way, and things had just kind of evolved. Now her high class escort service was only exclusively available to some very discerning, very rich and influential men in the city. Not the type of men she worked with at the bank, put it that way! None of the men she worked with at the bank could afford to spend time with her in that way. She offered outcalls only, and never in the London City area. She was usually a Mayfair or a Knightsbridge escort to tell the truth, staying in wonderful hotels, with wonderful guys at the weekend, and living the high life; just the way she liked it. She was unlikely to ever bump into anyone she knew at the high class London hotels and restaurants she frequented with her clients. Even if she did, she always had a back-up reason for being there etc. Catching up with an uncle from far away, meeting with family etc. it went on and on. But never happened. Sarah was a single young woman. She was 28 years old and was ever interested in dating men she knew of her own age, or even older like most girls in their late 20s. She didn’t’ really need to date guys when she was being shown the best time ever, practically every Friday and Saturday night. Sarah was in world class restaurants, sipping cocktails and dancing, going to the casino, staying in luxury suites at hotels like The Dorchester. A night out at Nando’s and a pint or two in the local pub wasn’t going to cut it for her anymore. Sometimes she thought that her escorting lifestyle had dashed all of her hopes and dreams of getting married and settling down to have children etc. but then she realised that she didn’t want that anyway. And besides, even if the lifestyle she’d come to know and love was raising her standards, why shouldn’t she have high standards she reconciled. You see, Sarah was a very attractive young woman. Tall, slim, fit and very well dressed all the time. She was intelligent, articulate and very funny to be around. She was probably asked out every week at work from one person or another, and she was continually pestered by some of them. Some of the other women in her office were suspicious about her never having a boyfriend and keeping her private life to herself. The trouble with office life is that everyone wants to know everyone else’s business; but this wasn’t for Sarah. She was a professional and discreet woman, and perfect for the elite escort business. The suspicions were worse of course when Sarah would walk into work without thinking, in a brand new pair of Jimmy Choos and then have to tell her workmates that they were fakes! That could get a bit embarrassing, especially when she couldn’t tell the girl where she got them! She sometimes played a little game where she was meeting this man, or that man, just to wind up her workmates, but she never went into any details about who or where. Just how long Sarah could live this life, she never really thought about, she just loved it so very much. Sarah was making a good living, and she’d continue to do so until she couldn’t command the attention. She was prepared for this, and had a nice little nest egg put by for a real early retirement. She was sure she’d continue to see some of her more “special” clients however! So we suppose that there isn’t really a “moral” as such to our story about Sarah, as much as there is a message. It’s a message to some of those who believe that a woman becomes an escort because she has to, or that she is manipulated into it in some way. This may be the case sometimes, but it certainly isn’t for women like Sarah, and it’s becoming less and less likely these days anyway. You should know that here at Angels of London, we have a very strict policy against all forms of trafficking and would never associate with anyone whom we thought involved in this dreadful enterprise. The girls you see in our gallery all willingly signed up to be represented by us, for whatever personal reasons they had at the time. Perhaps they want a little of that high life that Sarah enjoys so much?


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