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The Queen of Marylebone Call Girls

At 27 years of age, Angela was one of the more mature escorts at her central London escort agency. Despite this, she was very much in her prime. She was still young and the fittest she had ever been. Her body was comparable to some of the younger Marylebone escorts at the UK agency. It was slim and toned, while the curve of her hips and ass only added to her sexiness. Her sleek black hair was long and reached the small of her back. Perhaps her most standout feature was her eyes which were bright blue, though her ample 36C breasts couldn’t be ignore either. Essentially, Angela was seen as queen of the Marylebone escorts. Every week, she was the most booked escort in Marylebone and as such, she’d built up quite the reputation among escorts in London. Of course, it was the mature escort's popularity among clients that was most important. Many of her UK agency bookings were referrals from past clients that had experienced total satisfaction in her company. The Marylebone escort provided a full service which meant that no two dates were ever the same. She loved the variety that escorting offered. Today the woman that all Marylebone escorts looked up to was on an incall date at her Marylebone apartment. Her client was a regular. He worked as an architect in and around London and often turned to Angela when the stresses and strains of his work became too much. As such, the mature escort had him face down on the bed where she was providing a slow and sensual erotic massage. Her hands were hot with oil, her bare breasts brushing his lower back as she worked the oil into his shoulders. The UK agency girl's naked pussy brushed his leg as she moved, providing stimulation to her clitoris. A naked massage with the greatest of Marylebone escorts was just what he needed. He groaned in pleasure at her touch as her soft hands found the knots and banished them. Straddling his back, Angela worked her incall client’s whole back; keen to have him in tip-top condition for what she planned next. Requesting that he roll over, the mature escort from London's top UK agency began to massage his chest. Slowly allowing her hands to wander, they were soon at his lower stomach. Dressed only in his boxers, the incall client was unable to hide his erection. Angela smiled at the sight of her client’s hard cock. Marylebone escorts such as Angela were excellent at foreplay in the form of a sexy massage. The mature escort let her hand run down his belly and reach his straining erection. Squirting some more oil into her hands, Angela gently grasped her incall client’s cock and began to stroke it, back and forth. Again he groaned, clearly enjoying the full massage the Marylebone escort provided. Her hand cupped his balls and began to massage them too as she jerked his dick back and forth. UK agency escorts such as Angela had a sixth sense when a man was close to ejaculating. With her current incall client being a regular, she knew that he was close. Instructing him to get up, she lay on her back and pressed her beautiful breasts together. He knew what she wanted and he wanted it just as much. This time he straddled her and placed his oily erection between the tits of the bustiest of Marylebone escorts. Slowly but surely he began to fuck Angela’s cleavage, his oiled-up member sliding easily in and out. Angela smiled and pressed her mature escort breasts together tighter, simulating the feel of her pussy. Her breasts bounced back and forth with her incall client’s increased speed and power. His enthusiasm had to the better of him and he was no eager to shoot his load all over the Marylebone escort. With a groan, he fired his spunk between those gorgeous breasts. The sexy UK agency girl felt the hot cum splash against her throat and run down her neck. It was a feeling that she loved. He was well and truly fulfilled. They didn’t call her the queen of Marylebone escorts for nothing!


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