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The Petite Escort Girl with a Big Appetite - Part 1

Simon stood outside the Covent Garden restaurant awaiting the arrival of his petite call girl. He was a regular client of this particular UK escort agency and had booked the blonde escort on several occasions. The London business executive didn’t usually have so much free time. Usually their dates were a couple of hours at his home or her luxury incall apartment in Mayfair. But tonight he had the whole evening free and had even booked the petite call girl until the morning! A taxi rolled up in front of him and out stepped his favourite escort girl. She was on time. In his enthusiasm Simon had arrived a good ten minutes early! Despite her punctuality she apologized for keeping him waiting. Her name was Charlotte and she looked radiant as always. She was wearing a beautiful black cocktail dress that hugged her figure. While she had a petite body, her ass was full and round. Her honey blonde hair was long and straight and matched her skin perfectly. A pair of high heels completed the look of the blonde escort. Simon extended his arm. “Shall we?” he asked with a smile. The petite call girl returned his smile and took his arm. Simon had booked a table for two at this fancy Italian restaurant at the heart of Covent Garden. He already knew what his favourite escort girl liked to eat which was the benefit of having seen the escort with blonde hair several times. The business executive really felt himself developing an understanding with the petite call girl. Such was the quality of the restaurant; they were shown to their table immediately. It was a private table towards the back of the restaurant and there was a privacy screen shielding it from view. “Nice choice, honey” cooed Charlotte in approval. “I just want you to be comfortable. It’s not often we get to spend so many hours together at once”, said Simon as they sat down and took their menus. Simon took the chance to gaze at his petite callgirl as she looked at the drinks menu. The sexy blonde escort had made a point of sitting as close as possible to him – they both enjoyed each other’s company. It was a good job she had her legs crossed because her beautiful black cocktail dress was certainly on the short side, revealing her lovely toned legs. She was biting her lower lip slightly as she decided her drink – Simon found this very sexy. They ordered their drinks and food and sat back to enjoy the privacy of their VIP table. Money wasn’t an issue for Simon. That’s why he was able to repeatedly book his favourite escort girl and take her to fancy restaurants. “So what have you got planned for us this evening, Simon?” said Charlotte, placing her hand on his thigh. Simon felt his dick begin to harden at her touch. “Well, I was thinking of following this with a trip to a nightclub. How does that sound?” asked Simon. The petite call girl smiled in appreciation and ran her hand further up Simon’s thigh. She sighed: “But that means we have several hours until we can go back to your place. And I’m horny”. Simon laughed. It was rare that he even had to suggestion any naughtiness – the blonde escort was so insatiable when it came to such things. Her hand met his crotch and began to massage it from under the table. Simon sat back and tried to look casual as the waitress arrived with the drinks. This is why Charlotte was his favourite escort girl – she loved to take risks and it only made the whole encounter that much hotter! The petite callgirl slipped her hand down the business executive’s pants and grasped his hard cock in her hand. “We can have a little fun here can’t we?” she asked with a suggestive smile. It was impossible to deny the sexy blonde escort. Charlotte had begun to stroke Simon’s cock, jerking it back and forth. She had expert hands and knew how to get him going without going too far. Simon rolled his eyes back and groaned. It was a good job they had a private table; otherwise they’d struggle to get away with this sort of behavior! All of a sudden, Charlotte knocked her fork off the table. It clattered to the floor. “Whoops!” she exclaimed, “I better get that right away…” And with that she disappeared under the table. It was pretty obvious to Simon what she was up to. He felt the blonde escort crawl to between his knees and place her hands on his thighs. He was going to have some magnificent OWO right there in the Covent Garden restaurant! They had a private table that was shielded from view from the majority of the restaurant – it was one of the many perks of being wealthy in the city of London. They were enjoying their drinks when the blonde escort had knocked her fork off the table. It was the perfect excuse for her to get down onto the floor under the table and provide her best outcall client with some world class OWO. The blonde escort pulled Simon’s legs apart so that she could kneel between them. The outcall client felt Charlotte unzip his trousers and pull down his boxers before grasping his cock with one delicate hand. Simon sighed and leaned back, but not so much as to arouse suspicion as to what was going on under the Covent Garden restaurant’s VIP table. The petite call girl began to jerk his dick, slowly and surely sliding her grasped palm up and down rhythmically. Her hand was soft and warm as it began to generate heat while massaging his hard cock. Ever so gently, the blonde escort touched the tip of her tongue on the tip of Simon’s penis. She traced it around the end of his cock, teasing it. It was as if she was imploring him to cum right there and then. Simon groaned and put a hand below the table and placed it on top of his blonde escort’s head. Charlotte had begun to lick his shaft, right down to the base. She was lubricating his cock, as if preparing it for her sweet tight pussy. Her tongue ran down to his balls and she suddenly placed her lips on them and began to suck. Simon knew there and then that she wanted his cum – the petite call girl had once confessed to him that she loved the taste of it and couldn’t get enough. The blonde escort in Covent Garden lifted her head up and again teased the end of Simon’s erect dick with her tongue. Simon had had enough of the teasing. With one hand, he pushed down on Charlotte’s head. She knew what he wanted and opened her mouth to take in his entire huge member. Her wet and warm mouth encompassed it, even reaching his balls which were ready to explode. One of the blonde petite call girl’s very best skills was her ability to deepthroat. She could swallow the biggest of cocks without gagging. With Simon’s meaty veiny package in her mouth, Charlotte started to suck on it. Her suction was strong and provided an incredible sensation. Simon could hear the blonde escort gargling from under the table and was happy that the restaurant had a pianist who was drowning out such sounds. All of a sudden, the waitress who was serving their table brought their starter dishes: “Your starters, sir”, said the girl, who wasn’t unattractive herself. She was most likely a London student who needed the extra cash to pay for her tuition fees. Simon did his best to compose himself as she approached the table. He felt Charlotte pause, her mouth still surrounding his entire dick. “Can I get you anything else?” asked the student waitress. Simon’s petite call girl had begun to slide his mouth up and down on his penis, her saliva soaking it. The outcall London client gripped the table and smiled, his face flickering as he experienced the extreme pleasure of the blonde escort’s mouth. “No thank you”, he managed with a strained smile. He thought he saw the waitress raise her eyebrow for a second, suspicious of what was going on. She hadn’t seen Charlotte under the table which was covered by a long table cloth. Regardless, she seemed satisfied and left him to his starter soup. Simon breathed a sigh of relief and groaned to Charlotte “I think we should finish this up. Your real starter is on the table!” The blonde escort would have chuckled had her mouth not been full of cock. Without hesitation she began to suck furiously, banging her mouth up and down on her London outcall client’s meaty member, willing it to release its seed. This was becoming all too much for Simon – he could feel his balls tingling and the very thought of filling the petite call girl’s mouth with his cum was irresistible. He would have roared had he not been in a Covent Garden restaurant. Instead he winced and shuddered as he felt the rush of cum release from his balls and shoot out of his saliva lubricated penis. Charlotte’s head jolted with the force of the load, but she kept her mouth tightly sealed around his cock, doing her level best not to waste any of the tasty treat. The blonde escort gulped down every last drop before licking the tip of Simon’s dick clean. This petite call girl was a professional and it was the reason why he booked her time and time again. Charlotte returned from under the table, looking as gorgeous as ever. She sat back next to her outcall client and smiled at him mischievously before taking a sip of her cocktail. They still had the whole night ahead of them and they were just getting started!


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