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The Party Girls Cum Out To Play (Part 1)

The day of Dan’s stag party had finally arrived. It was a Saturday evening in early June and he was walking over to an undisclosed location with his group of friends. Dan had pleaded for a calm evening, one without the matching t-shirts and Neanderthal chanting. So far it seemed they had listened, much to his surprise. They were near Piccadilly in London and upon asking where they were going; he was told that it wasn’t much further. His friends weren’t lying and within a couple of minutes’ walk they had arrived. Dan looked up and saw that it was a club. As it turned out, his friends had reserved the small club for the evening so that the seven of them could enjoy it in style, with seven special guests. The doorman checked their ID’s and let them in, wishing them a good evening in a gruff tone. Dan was asking his friends about the guests when they entered the club. All of a sudden, the answer was no longer necessary as they were met by seven incredibly beautiful women. It turned out they were party girls from one of central London’s finest escort agencies. His friends had spared no expense for his stag party. However Dan was worried. He was engaged to be married and here was temptation at its worst, doing it’s very best to pull him in. A drink had already been pushed into his hand and he was being led to the dance floor along with his friends and the seven beautiful women. The music was loud and the lights bright as the party girls began to dance, ever so sensually. Looking around, Dan saw that his friends had chosen the party girls very well indeed. Variety had clear been the intention of the stag party because these seven beautiful women were all unique. There were blonde escorts, brunette escorts and redhead escorts, all gyrating their bodies to the sound of the music. The temptation was too much for Dan and he downed his drink before grinding up against the nearest party girl’s ass. Her name was Alba and she was a Turkish teen escort. Her dark hair and olive-skin was something that Dan found very alluring. Alba turned around and began to shake her perfectly shaped ass over Dan’s crotch. He felt his dick harden in his pants and when she turned back around they kissed passionately, tongues interlocking and hands wandering each other’s bodies. Dan looked around and saw his stag party friends were at similar stages with different party girls. In fact, his best friend and future best man had got the furthest and was already having his cock sucked by a tall Russian blonde in the middle of the dance floor. A pretty waitress that Dan hadn’t even noticed wandered into the dancefloor and handed out more drinks to the party girls and their clients. She seemed remarkably unsurprised at the events that were rapidly unfolding. Alba smiled as Dan gulped down another drink. The tempo of the music had increased and Dan was keen to take the action up a level. Gone were any reservations he’d had. After all, this might be his last chance to have some real fun with his mates before he married. Alba the Turkish escort seemed to read his mind and began to remove her dress, all the while moving her body to the music. Much to Dan’s satisfaction, Alba wasn’t wearing anything under her dress. And her petite body was incredible. The London party girl had an hourglass figure much like a model and 34c tits that were the perfect size for his hands. Around them, Dan’s friends were having the time of their lives. By now, almost all of the party girls were naked and ready to be fucked by the stag party. Without Dan having to ask, Alba got down onto her knees and unzipped his pants, reaching inside to pull his dick out. Her eyes lit up when she felt it – it was big and size definitely mattered to the Turkish teen. There was no hesitation as the escort shoved it into her mouth and began deep throating the meaty package. Dan’s eyes widened with astonishment and he began to thrust into Alba’s mouth as she gagged, saliva trickling from the corners of her mouth. To Dan’s right one of his friends had already begun to bang a rather busty redhead escort. She was screaming as he screwed her doggy-style, his balls slapping against her as he thrust back and forth. To the left, a curvy ebony escort was being eaten out by another friend. She was squeezing and sucking on her own black tits as he thirstily gulped at her pussy juices. Meanwhile Alba the teenage Turkish callgirl was attempting to swallow not just Dan’s dick, but his balls too – he’d never seen such skill. The Turkish teen clearly loved cock and had zero gag reflex. It would have been so tempting to empty his cum into her wet and warm throat there and then. But Dan and Alba both wanted to fuck. The music and the moans from nearby party girls were making them both horny. Alba lay back with her legs wide open, naked apart from a pair of high heels. It was time to fuck this Turkish teen party girl at his stag party. The club’s loud music, flashing lights and drinks combined and the event had quickly gone from dancing to a full-on orgy with the party girls. Dan had enjoyed having his cock sucked by Alba – a teenage Turkish escort. She was now lying on the floor, fully naked except for a pair of black high heels. Her legs were spread in the air as she waited to receive Dan’s impressively big dick. Dan got to his knees and positioned himself between Alba’s long slender legs. His cock slid easily inside her. Although she was tight, her pussy was soaking wet at the prospect of being fucked among her escort friends. She squeezed her breasts as he slid in, moaning as he began to push himself back and forth, moving in time to the music which had slowed down to a more relaxed tempo. The teen’s pussy felt great and Dan was glad he hadn’t cum into her mouth earlier. He felt his balls tingling already and wondered how long he’d last while fucking this beautiful Turkish teen. Everyone around them at the stag party was now fucking; a chorus of moans and even screams could be heard above the music from the party girls. As the rhythm of the music began to quicken Dan began to fuck the Turkish teen faster, her beautiful breasts bouncing. Alba smiled and asked Dan to bang her pussy harder and he duly obliged. The slapping of their bodies was audible and he felt his crotch wet as it made contact with the Turkish escort’s wet snatch. He’d never had a pussy that felt this good before. The cute waitress who had been providing the stag party with drinks was wandering among the orgy with a tray of fresh drinks. She knelt down beside Dan and Alba who were still fucking vigorously and poured one of the transparent shots onto the body of the Turkish teen. Dan pulled out and began to lick the escort, wiping up every drop of the drink with his tongue. The vast majority of the liquid was running down her breasts and he sucked at her nipples as she rubbed her own clitoris. This was turning out to be one hell of a stag party with the sexy party girls. The pair stood up and Dan was about to tell her to bend over for some doggy when the ebony party girl that one of his friends had been fucking came over to him and told him to lie down on his back. She said it with such authority that Dan did so immediately, his dick standing to attention as he lay back horizontally. All of a sudden, the black call girl dropped down onto his erection, her pussy encompassing it. She began to bounce up and down on Dan’s cock with a force that he had never experienced. Her pussy slapped against his body and her juices trickled down his shaft after they left her snatch. All the while, Alba, who was the sexiest of party girls, crouched down beside Dan and began to kiss him, stroking his body with her long fingernails. The ebony escort had begun to scream in pleasure and proceeded to squirt juices as she continued to bounce on the hard dick, stroking her clit as she squirted all over Dan and Alba. At this point Dan thought the ebony escort was done and he started to get up to return to his Turkish teen. But the curvaceous black escort wasn’t done yet and she took his dick before gently sliding it over her asshole. His eyes widened in astonishment as she slowly took his penis in. Dan’s dick was nestled comfortably in the ebony escort’s big black ass. She began to move up and down on it. It was super tight and Dan knew he was close to cumming. It was her huge bubble butt that made him want to cum, the big ass cheeks bouncing against crotch as he fucked the black call girl in her ass. Suddenly Dan couldn’t last any longer. Alba realized this and selflessly encouraged him, even though she wanted the cum for herself. She held his head and kissed him as he began to pant from the exertion. He was trying his best not to cum just yet as he wanted to fuck each and every one of the party girls. But it was this effort that made his spunk explode from his cock, rocketing up the ebony escort’s big black ass. She squealed in pleasure as she felt the hot cum and Dan writhed as the cum continued to seep from his dick, draining his balls completely. There he and the party girls stayed for several minutes, Dan’s dick still inside the tight ass of the ebony escort and Alba next to him, kissing him passionately. Dan had never cum so hard in his life. This was the very best sendoff he could have had at his stag party. He would be sorry to say goodbye to these party girls.


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