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A No Show for Two Bisexual Call Girls

Lucy and Michelle the bisexual escorts sat on the king-size bed in Lucy's flat and waited. The two sexy young escorts were waiting for an incall client, and he hadn't yet arrived. This sometimes happened on incalls. If he'd been delayed in traffic, he'd have rung the girls' escort agency. It was beginning to look like he was a no-show. So the two girls were stuck with each other and had nothing to do for the next few hours. Michelle was of medium height with long jet black hair. She was slim, and her figure-hugging jeans and t-shirt showed off her tight arse and prominent bust. Lucy, the other bisexual call girl, was blonde. She had decided to wear a similar t-shirt with a very short skirt. Her slim tanned, toned legs were smooth and shapely. "He's not going to turn up," said Lucy at last. "I know," replied Michelle. "So what shall we do?" "You know," said Michelle after a moment's pause, "I always think it's important that professional bisexual escorts work on their skills. You know...their bisexual skills." "Really?" said Lucy, moving closer, "how could we go about that?" "Well, kissing for a start. It's important to be a good kisser." Michelle leaned over slowly, and pressed her soft glossy lips against the other girl's. The kiss quickly became a full-blown snog, their tongues entwining in one another's mouths. Lucy felt the other escort's hands begin to move under her T shirt, gently easing the fabric of her lacy bra downwards until her sexy young breasts popped out, one by one. Michelle's thumbs ran around the busty girl's nipples until they grew hard. Wanting to make Michelle's task easier, Lucy pulled her t-shirt over her head and took off her bra completely before lying back on the bed. Michelle, being the horny escort she was, climbed on top and began to kiss and lick her neck, nipples and stomach. While Michelle did this, Lucy reached down and pulled off her skirt. Like all good bisexual escorts, she wasn't wearing any knickers - her perfectly shaved pussy was totally exposed. She pulled off Michelle's t-shirt and bra, too, and began to return the favour by rubbing and pulling at the brunette call girl's erect nipples. But a moment later those nipples were out of reach. Michelle's kisses moved lower and lower on Lucy's stomach, until they were being placed - ever so delicately - on the inside of Lucy's thighs. Michelle placed her hands on Lucy's soft thighs and gently eased them apart. Then the brunette escort's cherry lips quickly made contact with Lucy's pussy. Michelle's tongue quickly penetrated her escort girlfriend's labia. Lucy, the younger of the two call girls, felt its muscular length pushing hard against the walls of her pussy. Michelle eased her tongue upwards in a single sexy movement that began to stimulate the younger escort's clit. The sensation was fantastic. But Lucy was ever the professional bisexual escort and she couldn't enjoy herself properly while her partner wasn't getting any pleasure. Lucy lifted herself up. "You ever tried tribbing?" she asked Michelle. "No - but I want to!" came the enthusiastic reply from the other sexy young escort. Michelle knew that tribbing was the rubbing together of two pussies. She was really excited at the prospect of her pussy being rubbed and ground into Lucy's. The call girls swung around so that their heads were at opposite ends of the king size incall bed. Neither of them had done this before, but they'd seen it done in the sexy porn movies they'd occasionally watched together. The bisexual escorts scissored their legs together and inched closer and closer until their pussies met in a warm, wet kiss. The sensation was wonderful - Lucy could feel her exposed clit rubbing directly against her girlfriend's. Neither of the escorts had done this before, but they were certainly going to do it again - probably for the benefit of an ' incall client who enjoyed voyeurism. Driven by their intense feelings of pleasure, the two gorgeous young escorts were panting and sweating from the effort. They pushed, ground and rotated, each feeling the warm, wet flesh of the other being pushed hard into her own clit and pussy. Each measured the other's pleasure from the familiar moans they made so that they timed it perfectly to come together. At the moment their orgasms overwhelmed them, they held their position and pushed the pussies together hard. Michelle's pussy juice streamed down the inside of Lucy's leg, and Lucy's down Michelle's. All the bisexual escorts needed now was the no-show client to come and lick it off for them!


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