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Bisexual Call Girls in Lesbian Show

Naomi and Marie were experienced bisexual escorts, and as such, were used to some pretty unusual requests from clients. However this particular outcall assignment, to an apartment in Knightsbridge, was proving a lot stranger than anything either of the two sexy young call girls had come across before. For a start, they were used to their client being as naked as they were. But this one wasn't! The gentleman who had hired the two bisexual escorts from their escort agency was called Peter. The bearded, middle-aged man was still wearing all of his clothes. However Marie and Naomi were just as naked as sexy young call girls are meant to be! They were sitting on Peter's big double bed under some very bright lights. On a table next to them was a selection of sex toys. Peter was in front of them with a camera. 'Okay,' he said, 'action!' There was an awkward pause. 'Um, what do you want us to do?' asked Marie. 'Make love, of course!' The escorts were hesitant at first, but they knew what they were doing. When their escort agency advertised 'bisexual escorts' that's exactly what was on offer! Naomi placed her hand around the back of Marie's neck and, pulling her head close, began to kiss her full on the lips in a full-on, passionate snog. Naomi knew how to provide a great GFE to both men and women. Marie responded enthusiasically. Although the bisexual escorts were both only 19, Naomi had been an escort girl a little longer than Marie, and the less experienced girl usually let her take the lead. Marie lay back on the bed, and Naomi climbed on top of her, so that their slim teenage bodies were pressed tightly together. Naomi's hands worked their way down Maries body, caressing her neck and upper chest, until they found her large, well-defined breasts. She caressed them, kissing all the while. Marie may not have been that experienced in offering outcall escort services, but she knew what she liked. She pulled Naomi's mouth away from hers and turned her head to look meaningfully at the table full of toys. Naomi understood at once what she meant. She rolled over to the table and selected a long, thick strap-on dildo. Expertly, she put it on and slathered it in lubricant. An instant later she had spread Marie's legs and was penetrating her with the plastic monster. The dildo must have had a four inch girth, and the teenage escort's pussy was tight. Naomi drove it in steadily but slowly. With every inch Marie gasped and squirmed. At one point she whispered, ' more..', but just as Naomi stopped, the tip of the great plastic cock must have hit a sweet spot deep in Marie's pussy, because the 'no' suddenly changed to a frantic 'deeper! deeper!' Naomi pushed in hard. Marie cried out as the dildo penetrated her deeper than she'd ever been penetrated before. Naomi slid her hands under her duo escort colleague's cute little arse and began to pump away in a classic missionary fuck. Marie clasped Naomi close to her. Over Naomi's back she could see that Peter had joined them on the kingsize bed with his handheld camera. He was in close, pointing the lens between Marie's widely-spread legs. She noticed that his hard cock was hanging poking out of his trousers - clearly the lesbian show from the bisexual escorts had got so hot he'd lost his directorial self-control. A few seconds later, the middle-aged client put the camera down, grabbed his own engorged shaft and frantically began rubbing his hand up and down it. Naomi couldn't see this, but she must have sensed it, because the young call girl increased the tempo of her own pelvic thrusting so that Marie felt like she was being penetrated by a machine rather than another girl. Marie felt her bisexual girlfriend's hands squeeze her buttocks tightly, and realised that the other girl was on the verge of coming too. She attached the strap-on tightly so it stayed firm while she pushed in inside Marie. The two call girls kissed passionately, their tongues exploring each others' mouths. Naomi was giving Marie the pounding of her life. The strap-on slid in and out effortlessly now, lubricated by the mingled juices of both girls' pussies. In the end, all three of them came at once under the hot lights. With one final thrust Marie came like she'd never come before just as the other sexy young call girl cried out her own orgasm. Peter's cum sprayed over both of the bisexual escorts, propelled feet by the urgency of his wanking.


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