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The Exotic Dancer Call Girl

As a bit of a treat, Dave had booked a weekend away with a sexy young escort girl. Her name was Claire, and she was teaching Dave how to dance. This was after a fun but rather accident-prone evening in a Brighton nightclub, during which Dave had demonstrated his complete lack of coordination by repeatedly stomping on the feet of the exotic dancer! As well as being very patient, Claire was the sexist escort Dave had very met. In fact, she was perhaps the best-looking girl he'd ever seen. She was of average height but her slim and sexy body certainly wasn't average! They were in their hotel room, and Claire had kicked off her high heels to show her client some sexy dance moves. The cute brunette escort had worked as a lapdancer, so she certainly knew how to bump and grind. For a while, Dave tried to dance with her. But after a bit, Claire firmly told him to sit on the bed and simply watch. The young exotic dancer was aware that dancing lessons weren't part of the usual girlfriend experience that her London escort agency advertised. But a GFE seemed to cover a lot of things, and showing guys how to move could be part of it, she supposed. Her problem was, that she found herself dancing not to teach Dave, but to turn him on. It was when she was standing between his knees - rhythmically gyrating her tight little escort arse in his face - that he first touched her. She felt his nervous hands on her bum, and reached round with her own hands to press them into place and rub them around her curvaceous buttocks. Showing a little more daring that the call girl thought him capable of, Dave eased one of his hands between her legs. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around her pussy through the fabric of her tight black trousers. As the sexy exotic dancer continued to gyrate her hips she felt her client's fingers move in time with her movements. Before she got too excited, Claire danced away from him just a few steps, and in one movement bent at the waist and pulled down her trousers. Her thong came down too. Incredibly supple, she straightened up her gymnast's body and continued to dance, elegantly stepping out of the fabric. She was still facing away from Dave. After a few moments, she spun around. She saw his eyes widen as he took in what he saw: a perfectly shaved pussy. He reached out, but Claire pushed his hand away, teasing. She pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him. Edging forward, the sexy young escort positioned her pussy above his mouth - and sat down. He was hungry for her. There was to be no messing about with her clit - she felt his tongue push straight into her pussy and start swirling around in her warm and wet flesh. The exotic dancer escort ripped off her top and her bra so that she could be fully naked. Next she bent down and undid his jeans, releasing the pent-up stiffness of his cock. The call girl bent over and kissed the end of her client's cock. It stiffened under her lips. She kissed it again, and a glistening drop of pre-cum met her lips. Then she took the whole shaft into her mouth. She gave stunning OWO. She felt Dave's body tense under her expert attention, though he didn't stop working her pussy with his tongue. Claire took him down deep, looking forward to the warm spurt of CIM. Feeling the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat, she gripped his shaft tightly in her mouth and began to take hard-sucking pulls at it. His tongue dug deeper, and Claire felt his fingers begin to work her clit. Responding to his efforts, she began to suck faster, wanking his shaft with her expert lips. Dave was close to coming. The escort took his swollen shaft deep inside her mouth once more, and, making very small movements, began to suck hard and fast. Behind her, she heard a muffled groan as his cock twitched in her mouth. An instant later came the CIM: the biggest load of salty cum she'd ever tasted. Being a true professional London escort, she swallowed the lot without hesitation. She jumped off Dave's face - his cock was still hard. It was time for the young exotic dancer to come now, and she was going to do it the traditional way. She straddled him and got ready to sink down on the cum-soaked shaft. She was going to make sure that he really made her dance this time!


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