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Young Blonde Escort Gets Penetrated

Karina was an experienced outcall escort, and she was fairly sure she'd come across everything during her time working in central London. The young blonde had done everything from CIM to GFE; she'd been a mistress, done domination, submission, watersports, toys - everything a sexy young escort could be expected to do during the course of her incall and outcall career. What Karina had never done, up until now, was vegetables! The sexy young escort was lying naked on the wooden kitchen table of Alastair, her outcall client. As soon as she'd arrived he'd asked her to strip and before she knew it there she was, slim legs spread, pert breasts pointing at the sky, and her beautiful shaved snatch getting wetter and wetter. At the moment Alastair had two fingers inside the call girl's pussy. He'd penetrated her quite deeply, and was moving his fingers around, assessing how tight and wet she was. He seemed pleased. The outcall client removed his fingers and walked over to the worktop where he selected a leek from the row of vegetables he'd laid out. Placing the end of the vegetable against the young escort's labia, he pushed. The vegetable penetrated the young blonde easily, and the texture of its skin felt strange and excitingly new against the inside walls of her pussy - quite unlike any cock the escort girl had every had! What's more, it was nice and long. Alastair kept pushing, and the leek just kept on coming, stretching her pussy tight. When it was in as far as it would go, he gently began to fuck her with it. The feeling was very good, and the young blonde began to moan and breathe deeply in response. But somehow Alastair was dissatisfied. Quickly - and with a motion that Karina found incredibly stimulating - he whipped the leek from her pussy, and returned to the worktop, muttering something about 'more girth'. He came back with a courgette. He placed it against her pussy lips and began to penetrate her with it. This felt much bigger and wider. The call girl could feel her pussy being stretched wide as the courgette slid in, giving her incredible sensations of pleasure. It seemed to keep sliding forever and when it finally stopped, she felt fuller than ever before. Surely Alastair wasn't intending to do with this what he'd done with the leek? This question was soon answered. The sexy escort began to gasp and moan as the courgette was pulled nearly all the way out of her dripping pussy, then pushed firmly back home, again and again. The outcall client started to do it faster and harder. Karina was gasping, her heart beating fast and her chest flushing red. Without stopping the thrusts, Alastair reached below the table. Karina heard the pop of a fridge door being opened. He rummaged around, found what he want, and shut the door again. It was an ice lolly. He tore its wrapper off with his teeth. Ensuring that the courgette was penetrating her as far as it would go, Alastair let go of it for a moment. Instinctively the escort tightened her pussy muscles to keep the giant vegetable where she wanted it - deep inside her. Now that both his hands were free, Alastair brought the tip of the lolly closer and coser to Karina's clitoris. She orgasmed the instant the ice made contact before orgasming once again when Alastair began to again work the courgette, keeping the ice lolly in place. The hot young blonde had always been very grateful for the ability to have multiple orgasms, and she made use of this gift as often as she could. But none of the many, many orgasms she'd had previously had ever been comparable to this. The outcall escort shuddered through a fantastic series of orgasms as her client pumped her with the huge vegetable and ran the tip of the lolly around her clit. Her clitoris must have been hot, because the ice of the lolly was melting, and tiny rivulets of cold water were running off and down between her labia, adding to the amazing sensations. Remembering through the haze of pleasure that she was supposed to be a professional London escort girl, Karina reached down over the edge of the table for Alastair's cock. Soon enough his long and throbbing shaft was in her palm. But she was so carried away that all she could do, professional escort though she was, was give it the most perfunctory of tugs before the final, shattering climax tore through her body. As the sexy young blonde arched her back and cried out, Alastair pushed the courgette as deep into her pussy as it would possibly go, and furiously rubbed the lolly hard against her clit. The sexy London escort virtually lost control of the lower half of her body in a series of contractions and spasms with the pleasure so intense that she almost passed out. When the sexy young escort came to her senses a few moments later, she was surprised to find herself still incredibly horny. Alastair had withdrawn the courgette from her pussy, and was gently licking her juices from it. His cock, still hanging out of his trousers, was hard. Karina got off the table, got down on her knees, and took the hard shaft in her mouth. Now it was his turn for some fun!


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