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The Student Call Girl Babysitting

Jenny was a good girl. The student escort studied hard at university but longed to have enough money to go and party with her friends on occasion. Her dad gave her money but a girl needs makeup and clothes and that didn't leave much for partying! That evening her dad gave the student escort a call and asked if she wanted to earn some extra money. Their family friends Paul and Anna were going out for dinner and needed a babysitter. Jenny had a rare social event that evening and mentioned this fact. Yet her dad assured her that they would be back in time for her to go out with her friends. In fact, Paul and Anna had said if it was fine if she wanted to get ready at their house once the kids were in bed. There was no good reason to turn it down. Paul and Anna were loaded, their house was amazing and their kids well behaved. It would be easy money and she'd have some extra cash for drinks at the party later. She would be very popular with her friends! Jenny turned up at Paul and Anna's house at 6.30 on the dot, as requested. The sexy student escort was greeted at the door by Paul. She hadn't really looked at him before but he was a great looking guy and he obviously worked out - they did after all have a home gym! As expected, the evening was very easy for Jenny. The kids had been good and had gone to bed without complaint. Jenny had gone into the bathroom to get ready but like many babysitters, she wanted to have a little snoop around first! She went into the main bedroom; it was huge with a king size bed and a walk-in closet. Jenny wandered over to the walk-in wardrobe and peeked inside. There were a few drawers nearest her and the student escort looked inside. She found socks, underwear...everything you would expect. But it was in the bottom drawer that she found something that shocked her - a huge black dildo. She headed back into the bedroom with the dildo in hand. It was huge - she couldn't believe Anna was able to fit that inside her pussy. She wondered if Paul had a dick that sort of size. She still had a good hour until they would be home. With this in mind, the sexy student escort climbed on Paul and Anna's king size bed and unbuttoned her tight denim shorts. She pulled both these and her knickers down to her knees so that her neatly trimmed pussy was on full show. Opening her legs, she placed her fingers to her clitoris and began to rub, ever so slowly. She moaned, imagining Paul fucking Anna and Anna fucking herself with a big black dildo. Jenny was already horny and her pussy had become wet very quickly. She grabbed the black dildo and used both hands to guide the tip of it into her pussy. Ever so slowly, little by little, she guided the long, thick dildo into her tight young snatch. The pleasure and slight pain were intense and the student escort imagined a big black man penetrating her, pounding her pussy for all it was worth. She had begun to fuck herself with the dildo, her pussy glistening and beginning to drip. All of a sudden, she heard a key opening the front door downstairs. Footsteps quickly came closer. She froze to the spot, terrified. The bedroom door opened to reveal Paul. His shocked expression said it all. In front of him was his student escort babysitter on the bed, her legs wide open. Her pussy was soaking and there was an equally wet dildo in her hand. Jenny half expected him to yell at her and send her on her way. Instead, he whipped off his clothes in a matter of seconds. Paul's muscular body stood before her, his erection standing to attention. It was clear that she was in a difficult situation and wouldn't have much choice in the matter. Luckily, she wanted him. She wanted to get fucked by him and completely removed her denim short and panties as a hint that she was ready. Paul jumped on the bed and positioned himself between his babysitters legs. His cock was huge - perhaps the dildo had been modelled on his penis. Without hesitation he shoved his dick inside the sexy escort. Her back arched and she tilted her head back and moaned in ecstasy. The babysitter's pussy was pounded hard and fast in all manner of positions. All the while, she was still wearing her tight t-shirt and small cotton socks. Seeing her only half-dressed in this manner made Paul even hornier and he knew he had to cum all over the student escort. Jenny watched with interest as Paul - who had returned on top of her - began to breathe heavily, an indication that he was close to blowing his load. He gasped and told her he was coming. It was what she said next that made him explode. "Fill me up." With this, he roared triumphantly and emptied his balls, his cum completely filling his babysitter's pussy. She held him tight as he shuddered, his balls still draining. Jenny was keen to ensure every last drop stayed inside her - she didn't want them to make a mess.


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