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The Double Ender For Two Bisexual Escorts

Julia and Vicky were among the most experienced bisexual female escorts in London. Although they were only twenty-one, they had worked together for two years, attracting rave reviews and many repeat clients. The boss of their London escort agency put their success down to two factors: first, they were both sex-mad escorts who loved nothing more than bisexual fun with sex toys such as a double ender Second, although a little different from each other, they were among the most beautiful female escorts around. Julia was the brunette. She had long legs, a slim figure, dark curly hair and a great pair of 34D breasts that many clients seemed to love. Vicky was the shorter of the two bisexual female escorts. Slim with short blonde hair, she was the more businesslike of the two. She had steely blue eyes and a pretty face. Where Julia tended to be more submissive, Vicky was certainly dominant. On this particular day they found themselves in the central London flat of Paul who was a regular client of both female escorts on an individual basis. However up until this point, he'd never booked them together as a bisexual duo to play with a double ender dildo! He was a pretty wealthy guy, with a large penthouse flat just off Park Lane, an easy walk from Hyde Park and other central areas of London. He also had a very active sexual imagination which made him exactly the sort of client that sexy blonde, brunette and redhead callgirls simply loved to visit. Within a couple of minutes of arriving, he had both girls in the bedroom. He relaxed himself in an armchair in the corner and politely asked the horny bisexual escorts if they would strip each other. Being naturally horny, the girls didn't hesitate. It was a warm day in spring, and both were wearing short skirts and crop tops. Julia started by running her hands around the band of exposed flesh above the waist of the blonde escort. Vicky murmured with pleasure, and moved her hands up to run over Julia's breasts, still tightly encased in her top. Vicky's hands moved over the soft flesh of the brunette escort's chest, and her thumbs found Julia's nipples and brought them to erection. Julia, who was beginning to breathe deeply, moved her head forward and began to kiss Vicky on the the lips. At the same time, she pushed her hands underneath the blonde escort's top and began feeling for the lovely 36DD. A second later she became frustrated with this fumbling about, ceased her kissing and pulled Vicky's top over her head, quickly followed by her bra. As the young blonde escort girl's breasts popped out, Paul unzipped his jeans and took his cock in his hand. Now that things had really got going, it wasn't long before both sexy escorts were naked. Julia's bouncy breasts were out next and then she was stepping out of her panties with a shy smile. Both were naked, touching and caressing each other, and looking at Paul expectantly. Was he going to fuck them, or did he want a full lesbian show from the sexy London female escorts? He soon made it clear that he was interested in the latter. Abandoning his stiff cock for a moment, he reached under his chair and pulled out a large, double ended dildo. It was purple, and at least eighteen inches long. He tossed it gently on to the bed and smiled. Seconds later the horny bisexual duo were on the bed. They'd used double enders before so they knew exactly what they were doing. Vicky lay with her head at the top of the bed, Julia with hers at the bottom. Both escorts spread their legs wide so that their tight, neatly trimmed pussies were exposed. Each one pouted and glistened with moisture - it didn't take very much to get these two girls going, especially when they were working together. Vicky was always the first one to take charge. Taking hold of the giant double ender dildo, she placed the penetrating end against Julia's pussy lips. Carefully, she pushed it into Julia's pussy, which stretched to take in the plastic girth. Julia exhaled heavily, and her breasts wobbled as she quivered. When Vicky was satisfied that Julia had been penetrated as deeply as possible, she lay back and pushed her end of the dildo inside herself, working her way down the bed to take it deeper and deeper inside her. Now was the moment of truth - would their two pussies be able to take the whole length so that their clits touched? The escort girls' pussies linked together perfectly, and Julia and Vicky felt their clits meet. Instantly, they locked their left hands together and began to grind, pussy to pussy. Paul was wanking himself hard in the corner, and the two bisexual girls pumped as hard as they could, each enjoying the double sensation of deep penetration from the double ender and clit rubbing. True to form, Julia came first came first. Her gasps and groans sent encouraged Vicky to orgasm too, and within moments the two girls were both writhing in pleasure on the bed. Now was the time for Paul to play his part. Keeping his cock in his hand he jumped up from his chair and kneeled on the bed, over the two sexy female escorts. Pumping hard, he gasped and shot a huge load of cum into their air which sailed through the air and landed all over the escort duo's fantastic breasts .


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