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Enjoyable OWO in The Corporate Box

One of the main perks of being the director of a company is getting to sit in corporate boxes at sporting events, particularly when OWO is on the menu! Ted headed up the marketing team at a middle-ranking pharmaceutical company in London. He was a big fan of cricket, so he was very pleased when his MD told him that a special box had been arranged for him for the final day of the England vs. Sri Lanka test match at Lords. This was apparently in recognition of the success of a recent advertising campaign that Ted had helped to mastermind, which was even now resulting in fantastic sales for one of the company's new flagship medicines. 'Thanks very much, Ken,' Ted said to his boss. 'Who else is going?' Ken waved his hands, vaguely, and smiled. 'Let's just say that you'll see. And you'll enjoy yourself.' Ted wasn't entirely sure what this meant, but he was more than happy to take up the offer of the free box, whether he had it to himself or otherwise. Managing the new campaign had been hard work, and that, coupled with his recent divorce, had left Ted feeling like he needed some rest and relaxation. Evidently Ken thought the same thing, because when Ted got to his box he found that he did indeed have it all to himself. It was large and had high screening at either side to ensure privacy. There was a table with a selection of sandwiches and nibbles, as well as a bottle of champagne and some cans of lager in a cooler. Ted settled down to watch the match, enjoying the warm sunshine and the fine food and drink. After a little while he heard the door to the box open behind him. He turned around to see a gorgeous young girl walk in. She had long blonde hair and was wearing a blue suit that made her look like an air hostess. She smiled and walked over to Ted. Being a gentleman he stood up, and shook her outstretched hand while admiring her large breasts. 'Hi,' said the girl, 'I'm Helen. I'm part of your entertainment package today. May I give you OWO?' Ted knew that he was being rewarded, but he hadn't expected his bonus to include OWO with a sexy young London escort! He knew that such perks existed, of course, but he thought they were exclusively the preserve of the MD and certain senior shareholders. He smiled. The presence of Helen in the box with him told him he had made it - he was recognised as one of the most serious players in his industry. It was time to celebrate. 'Of course,' he said. 'Be my guest.' Helen smiled a big smile, clearly pleased at the opportunity to suck her VIP client's cock. 'Thank you,' she whispered, pecking him on the cheek. The next thing Ken knew the sexy young escort girl was on her knees in front of him and unzipping his flies with ladylike grace, despite her eagerness to suck a powerful man's cock. Ken's shaft sprang out of his boxers, already stiff. Helen looked at it for a moment, as if taking the measure of the shaft that would soon be tickling the back of her throat. Then the young escort girl's head bobbed down and Ted felt the warm depths of her mouth engulf his dick. This was a girl who certainly knew how to perform OWO. She applied a gentle suction in quick and precise movements before settling down to a longer, deeper rhythm of sucking. Like most salaried men in London, Ted was no stranger to callgirls. It was lucky he was well experienced in the business of being pleasured by a beautiful young girl - less experienced men would not have held out for long, dumping their cum into Helen's mouth before she had had a chance to properly savour the taste of cock. Ted knew that Helen was in the VIP box for his pleasure. She had a passion for giving OWO but also a careful concern for her clients' welfare. She had skilfully moved herself around so that Ted could face the field of play and enjoy both the game and the blowjob the cute blond escort was giving him. It was so good that he found he couldn't concentrate on the cricket at all, but was in fact getting more and more excited, and closer to the brink of orgasm. Helen clearly understood this, because she began to take stroke his shaft quickly, keen to milk every last drop of cum out of him. Ted certainly had a lot to give - seconds later he was putting his hands on the back of the sexy young escort's head and pumping her willing mouth full of the biggest load of salty cum she had ever tasted. An expert, she swallowed the lot. Ted leaned against the rail, reflecting on the fact that hard work certainly has its rewards.


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