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The Best Anal Call Girl in London

Yuto was a Japanese businessman who was in London for the week. Recently divorced, the middle-aged man had decided to inject some excitement into his life. He hadn’t had sex for months and seeing all of the lovely London girls had inspired him. This is how he ended up with Dana; the best anal escort in London! She was absolutely gorgeous. Blonde shoulder-length hair, soft white skin and of course, a most mouth-watering ass. She was one of the few London escorts who offered anal without a condom and as such, she was very popular indeed. For his part, Yuto had never been able to try anal as his wife had been far too prudish for such things. The blonde anal escort had stripped completely naked while Yuto lay on the bed in his expensive suit. His fine trousers had been tanked down and his cock stood to attention, waiting for the treat of a lifetime. Dana smiled at him as she crouched over him, her ass swaying from side to side just centimetres from the tip of the straining dick. Her pussy glistened with excitement and her perfect breasts wobbled slightly as she moved. She was such a tease but Yuto knew that his patience would be rewards. Sure enough, the sexy anal escort began to lower her ass the final few centimeters towards her client’s cock. Yuto felt the tip of his penis make contact with Dana’s tight asshole. Slowly but surely, the anal escort’s ass began to swallow up his penis, inch by inch. It was no wonder that she was the best anal escort in London. She was so incredibly tight. She moaned as she felt her ass slowly fill up and squeezed her own breasts. Yuto’s dick was now up to the hilt inside her. He’s never experienced anything like it and promised himself that his next wife would be a woman who loved anal. Not that anybody could compare to the blonde anal escort he’d found in Dana. Dana began to move her ass up and down and Yuto’s cock slid back and forth. The feeling was heavenly and Yuto reached out to fondle the London escort’s delicious breasts. They were so perfectly round, so soft yet so firm. His hands wandered around to her back and down to that amazing ass. The anal escort moaned softly as he squeezed her perfect ass cheeks. The best anal escort in London had begun to pick up the pace. She leaned in to kiss Yuto and he responded with equal ardor. In fact, the Japanese businessman even placed his hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy. It was soaking wet which was a sign of just how excited Dana actually was. She was now pounding Yuto’s rock hard cock, milking it for all it was worth. Her tight ass was working wonders and her ass cheeks slapped against his upper thighs. A grunt came from below and she knew that her Japanese businessman was close to cumming. Keen to feel his hot cum fill her ass, she urged him on. Shoving her breasts into his face, the sexy anal escort insisted he sucked on them as his orgasm claimed him. A hot rush of cum filled the ass of the London escort with blonde hair. She truly was the best anal escort in London. Yuto was going to have to make this business trip more often!


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