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Experienced Escort Has Phone Sex

Sarah was an experienced callgirl in London and thought she'd seen it all. She'd been involved in everything from orgies to bukkake parties! She'd given more OWO than she could remember and been fucked every which way by a wide variety of clients. All this, and she was still only twenty years old. She was a slim and rather petite girl. She had medium-length jet black hair. The contrast between that dark hair and her soft white skin gave her an almost gothic look which was offset by her piercing blue eyes. Particular highlights of her petite body were her tight bottom and her ample 34C bust. In short, she was an escort at the top of her game. As such she was very much in demand. Due to her undoubted popularity, the sexy experienced callgirl sometimes got some very unusual requests. Today her London escort agency had phoned her and said that a client wished to book an hour's appointment with her - only he wouldn't be there in person. He was on business in Saudi Arabia where there was something of a shortage of escort girls. As such, he wanted to have text sex with her from his hotel room. The thought of having text sex with a stranger on the other side of the world turned Sarah on very much. Like all London escort girls, she was insatiably horny. In the absense of a real man (or even another bisexual escort girl) the experienced callgirl would happily pleasure herself. The kinky addition of text sex would only turn her on more. Her instructions were to be ready by a certain time. She was to lay naked on the bed, equipped with a selection of sex toys and of course, her mobile phone. Bang on time, the first text arrived: Hi! I'm Simon. Are you ready? Pausing briefly to admire the class of a man who took the trouble to spell and punctuate properly even in a text message, she replied: Hi Simon! Yes, I'm ready... Her phone vibrated again. I hope you are naked and wet. What I would like you to do is to take your large vibrator, place it on your pussy and turn it on. Shivering with excitement, the horny experienced callgirl did exactly as she had been told. Picking up the large plastic dong she carefully moved it between her legs so the tip was resting on her outer pussy lips. Stretching, she turned the switch at the bottom and it sprung into life. She relished the sensations running through her. The feelings she was experiencing were so intense, particularly because she eagerly anticipated sliding the long plastic cock inside her. Yet her virtual incall client hadn't yet told her to. Like all submissive London escorts, Sarah did exactly as she was told. She texted back to tell Simon that she had done it, and it felt good. A few moments later, just as the gently-placed vibrations were becoming unbearable, another text came through: Now I want you to push it in, hard and deep, all in one go. Tell me how it feels. Sarah wasn't sure about that - it was a very big cock, and in the past she had eased it in gently. The experienced callgirl didn't want to hurt herself. All the same, a client request was a client request, and she felt compelled to comply. Getting a good grip around the far end of the long plastic shaft, she took a deep breath and pushed hard, driving the vibrating plastic dong deep into her pussy. She gasped involuntary and immediately orgasmed - the pleasure was that intense. She also noticed, with great satisfaction, that she had taken the whole length. She paused a moment, steering the plastic inside her, seeking out the most sensitive parts of her deep pussy. She texted back with shaking hands: Done it. So good I came. Ready to come again! She put the phone down a moment so that her other hand was free. With it, she sought out her clitoris which so far had been a little left out of the action. She began to rub it furiously when she received another text. I want you to send me a photo. That was certainly kinky! Obediently, Sarah the experienced callgirl turned her phone around and snapped a pic of the long plastic dong buried deep in her slim body. She sent it to Simon. She felt a deep need to cum again. She rubbed her clit hard and fast while she drove the dong deeper inside of herself. As she finally came she nearly screamed in pleasure. There was a final text from Simon. It was a picture of a smiling, dark-haired man in his mid-thirties. He was lying naked on a bed, his stomach plastered in his own cum. The only downside of the whole appointment for Sarah was that she wasn't there to lick it off him.


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