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Teen duo escorts for retired gentleman

I’d been retired for over five years, I had money in the bank, but my family had everything they needed, and I wanted to treat myself for a change. I decided I wanted to feel young again and I found myself searching London escort sites to see if any of the women on there took my fancy. I came across a pair of teen duo escorts, both were 18 and from Eastern Europe. Reading about them I learnt that they enjoyed the company of older men and they sounded perfect for what I needed. Their names were Lilliana and Sansa and they were the sexiest girls I’d ever laid my eyes on. Both girls had long blonde hair and tidy young body’s with massive cleavages that I wanted to sink my teeth into, I’d planned the evening perfectly and when they turned up at my home in Paddington I could tell that the neighbours were staring but they probably assumed they were two of my young nieces coming to visit me. As soon as they entered my home they were in awe, I could tell they were impressed, and it made me happy that these two beautiful young ladies were happy to be with me. I poured us all a glass of wine and we settled onto my long sofa, the girls had already started fawning over me; playing with my grey hair and running their hands up and down my thighs. They giggled and were sweet and fun to be with. Their energy made me feel young and vibrant and my dick was twitching in my trousers. The girls didn’t waste much time in getting down to action, Lilliana was soon trying to unzip my trousers whilst Sansa started to strip. Soon my massive erection was out, and both girls stood there naked before me. They had young toned stomachs and beautifully perky breasts; I hadn’t seen breasts like this since I was in my teens and I could already feel pre-cum leaking from my cock. Before I knew it one of the girls was on the floor between my thighs with her sweet mouth sucking on my dick. She sucked me hard and fast and I pushed her head down to fill her mouth even deeper with my bulging dick. I was in heaven already but when Sansa came and placed her pussy in my face, I was practically gagging to cum. She told me she wanted to feel my tongue inside her young pussy, so I flicked it inside her, I was skilled and experienced, and I could tell she was massively turned on at the thought of my tongue being inside her youthful cunt. I sucked and teased her little clit and her juices ran down the sides of my face. She tasted sweet and salty and before I knew it, she was squirting her cum all over my face and screaming out in orgasm. “Oh, you bad man, you made my young pussy squirt all over your face”, she said with a glint of lust in her eyes. She swiftly moved her body and joined the other little teen blonde on the floor, soon both girls were sucking and licking my cock and balls. “I want to fuck him first”, Lilliana demanded. “Okay, well you need to lick my pussy then”, Sansa replied. Soon Sansa was lay on the sofa with her legs spread wide open and the sexy Lilliana was lay between her legs licking her beautiful cunt with her sexy young arse in the air begging to be filled by my dick. I didn’t wait for more invitation, I climbed behind the young blonde and shoved my massive erection straight inside her tight young pussy, she felt heavenly, she was so tight and wet I thought I would explode cum inside her instantly. I started to fuck her hard, I could hear my old balls smacking up against her young perky arse cheeks. The sound was erotic, and she tightened her pussy around my dick with every push I made. Her head was bobbing up and down as she licked and sucked on her young friend’s pussy. Both girls were moaning with pleasure and I was grunting with every push I made. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was filling her beautiful teen cunt with my spunk. “Cum inside me please”, she begged me. With that I couldn’t control myself, I squirted my load straight inside her tidy little cunt. She screamed as I came, and she spiralled into an orgasm of her own as her sweet cum covered my dick. Now I needed to fuck my other little beauty, the night had only just begun, I was definitely going to be seeing these two little angels again, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner.


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