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Escort Tanya likes Anal Play

Many people thought that when Tanya stopped being an escort for the night that she would abstain from sex. When you have sex for a living you wouldn't want to have sex in your spare time as well, right? Well maybe that's true for some but it certainly wasn't the case for Tanya. She loved sex - particularly anal play. Pleasing her boyfriend Sam was just as enjoyable as pleasing her clients. She always told her boyfriend what she had done with her clients. They had no secrets and it often gave them something new to try between themselves. Tonight was one of those nights. Earlier that day, Tanya had been asked by one of her clients to give him anal sex with one of her dildos. She hadn't done anal play to a client before - it was usually the other way round! However she was a very open-minded and fun-loving escort and happily said yes. Tanya explained the anal play experience to Sam who was happy to give it a try. Tanya stood over her lover as he lay face down on the bed his face pressed against the pillow. His ass was slightly raised, awaiting her touch. She started by leaning forward and letting her tongue run over his buttocks, he had never been eaten before but as her tongue flicked around his anus his squirms and moans let her know that he was loving the anal play. The escort's tongue flicked in and out of her boyfriend's arsehole as he writhed around on the bed screaming with pleasure. Tanya pleasured him for some 30 minutes in this way before she stood back and pressed her finger against his ass. She paused to dip it in some lube before running it over Sam's anus. Tanya allowed her finger to sneak inside a few times, teasing him before she plunged it deep into his tight hole, her long fingernails adding to his pleasure. Eventually, when he was begging for her to let him cum, Tanya grabbed her large pink dildo and lubed it up well before rubbing it against his tight entrance. Her boyfriend was now in a frenzy of excitement at the anal play and while she wanted to let him cum, she also wanted to fuck him with the dildo. Impatience getting the better of her, she couldn't wait any longer and pressed it inside Sam's tight ass. The dildo was a good 8 inches long and it was thick too. Tanya's boyfriend cried out in pain but at the same time he pushed back so he could take more of it. Once he was used to the length and girth of the anal play stick he wanted more and she felt able to push deeper into him. Sam loved it, his back arched and he started to move his hips so his arse slid up and down the dildo. By now Sam was moaning hard and Tanya knew he was ready to cum so she turned him over, eager to see the cum spurt from his cock. As soon as he was on his back his cum shot out furiously, splashing his own chest and face. The sight of her boyfriend with a dildo in his ass, his face covered in cum made Tanya so horny that she climbed onto his cock and rode it until she too came. Now they both loved anal play and had another sex game that they could both indulge in. Angels of London - See other hot escort girls in London


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