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Sweet Pleasure with a Redheaded Call Girl

The escort with red hair faced away from him. Her long hair swayed over the soft and supple skin of her back. She was called Honey. He would never forget that name because it was such a perfect fit. Everything about her was sweet from her fun personality to her sexy appearance. Now her asshole hovered tantalisingly over his rigid dick. Anal sex with sweet Honey was his favourite occupation. She squatted over him, entirely naked except for the high heels that he had bought for her on their last date. Balanced with perfect precision, her slim legs were spread wide so that he had a perfect view of her round ass cheeks and the hole that he longed to fill. The hot redheaded escort glanced over her shoulder, her eyes glinting with mischief. He noitced that her full lips were parted as he caught a glimpse of her soft, agile tongue. His mind filled with the memory of what she had been doing with those lips and that tongue just moments before and his cock jumped. She turned away again and allowed her soft hair to brush over his belly. He growled with frustration. This young escort loved to tease him. Honey knew him well. The time she had spent leading him to this point had been sweet pleasure. Every second from the flirtation in the elevator to the teasing oral display had led to this moment. Finally the redheaded escort lowered her asshole onto his dick. It pressed against the tip and he spat onto his palm, rubbing the lubricating saliva around the sweet hole. She sighed with pleasure at his touch. He held the base of his dick and she pushed down. He watched his hard cock begin to slide out of sight. A couple of inches in and she stopped and circled her hips, getting herself comfortable. Then the sexy redheaded escort dropped her body and he saw the entire length of his dick disappear inside her. Up and down she bounced, sliding her asshole the full length time and time again. The pleasure was so intense that she gripped him hard. The sight of her slim waist, her curvy hips and her bouncing ass was so very erotic. The agony of the ecstasy was almost too much to bear when it slammed through him. He gasped and shook as wave after wave of spunk pumped up her ass, filling it completely. He heard his redheaded escort gasping and saw the tremble in her thighs that indicated that his sweet little Honey had taken the ultimate pleasure from receiving his nectar. Dates with Honey were such sweet pleasure. Angels of London - See other hot escort girls in London


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