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Sunbathing Horniness and a Naughty Blonde Escort

One of the pitfalls of going on a holiday in the sun is the horniness you get after watching gorgeous women all day long on the beach and by the pool. Many men have ended up with sunburned backs because we have had to lie on our fronts for hours with a raging hard on thanks to a sexy brunette or a naughty blonde. That coupled with intense heat is enough to get anyone on the edge of spilling their cum all over the inside of their swim shorts. I had a rare and fortunate moment with a flaccid cock and I felt it was the right time to try and put some sun cream on my back. As we all know putting sun cream on your own back is not the easiest thing in the world. As I attempted the near-impossible task, I felt someone standing next to me. I looked up to see a stunning naughty blonde smiling at me. "Hello!" she said cheerily. "Need some help with that?" I couldn't believe my luck. "Sure! That's very kind!" I answered eagerly. She took the bottle of sun lotion and knelt on my lounger behind me. "Actually you are looking rather burnt. We need to get you out of the sun for a bit and get some aftersun rubbed in." Unfortuntely I didn't have any aftersun but she kindly offered to lend me hers. So off we went to the naughty blonde's hotel room to take care of my rather sunburned back. When we got to her room she asked me to sit on the bed. The naughty blonde knelt down behind me and began rubbing lotion into her hands before applying it to my back. It was so cool and soothing. The bikini-clad blonde was doing a great job of massaging the cream into my back. Her hands were soft and warm. All of this hands-on contact had made me hard. I didn't want to have to stand up and risk her seeing I had an erection. But the naughty blonde didn't want me to stand up. Once she had finished rubbing the aftersun into my back she asked me to turn over so that she could do my front. There would certainly be no hiding then! As I dawdled in my response she put her hands on my side and pushed, indicating that I was to roll over. I did so, rather nervous what her reaction was going to be. There was a gasp but thankfully it was followed by giggling. She reassured me that it was fine and that it could happen to any man. With this, she squeezed some more lotion out of the bottle and started rubbing it into my chest. The naughty blonde's soft, feminine hands wandered around the elasticated waist of my shorts. Was she interested in me sexually? She certainly seemed to have her hands very close to my erection! Eventually her hands just slightly touched my cock as she got lower and lower in her soft and sensual strokes. At this point I let out a moan and she took this as an invitation to rub cream into my rock hard shaft. She pulled my shorts down and grabbed the bottle of lotion. The naughty blonde squeezed it directly over my hard dick and the cool cream making contact with my cock only made me stiffer. Ever so gently, the beautiful blonde massaged my dick with both hands, the cream acting as a lubricant. As wonderful as this all was, I was keen to get more involved. I reached over and got some cream into my palms and began to rub it into the naughty blonde's chest, carefully sliding my hands under her bikini to touch her pert breasts. Her nipples were hard and I squeezed them gently. She was obviously horny. I was now sitting up on the edge of the bed and she stood up to face me. I thought she was going to kiss me but insteasd she slipped her bikini to one size to reveal her beautiful cunt. Lifting one leg, she climbed on top of my crotch and lowered herself onto my smooth erection. Her pussy was absolutely soaking so my rock hard cock slid in very easily. The naughty blonde began to rhythmically bounce up and down, faster and faster with each passing second. Her toned thighs and ass clapped as they dropped and made contact with my crotch and she moaned hard as she was deeply penetrated. Her energy and excitement meant that I was unlikely to last long - this was the hottest thing I'd ever experienced and I had been horny all day. We both came hard in a flurry of moving bodies, the smell of sweat and sex in the air. "Time for a shower, perhaps?" she said smiling, still gasping for breath. Angels of London - See other hot escort girls in London


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