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Student Becomes Call Girl in London

Inesa was a student escort in London. She'd had offers from universities all over the UK as she was very bright. What's more, she was incredibly hot! In the end Inesa chose a university in London. And while she absolutely loved living and studying in London, there was one problem - London was just so expensive, especially for students! She struggled for months and had quickly spent all of her savings. It was when she was down to her final few £'s that a friend suggested she work as a sexy escort in London. At first Inesa didn't like the idea but when she was told about what she could earn she thought it was worth a try. Her friend recommended a good London escort agency and she gave them a call, setting up a meeting where they'd be able to see what she had to offer as an escort in London. She'd also have the chance to find out more about what was expected of her and what she could potentially earn. Inesa turned up for the meeting bright and early on a Friday morning. There she met a guy called Rob who went through everything she would be expected to do as a sexy escort in London. She handed over a portfolio of pictures she had done and the London escort agency meeting was concluded with Rob's promise of contact in the next few days. As she walked out of the building not knowing if she had done the right thing, her phone began to ring. It was Rob from the London escort agency. He said that they had been let down by one of their existing escort girls and he begged her to take the client as he was a regular and they didn't want to disappoint him. She wasn't at all sure. She doubted her skills and experience as an escort in London and expressed her concerns to Rob. But the London escort agency representative quickly talked her round, emphasising the money she could make from just one outcall appointment. Before she knew it she had a meeting booked for 5 o'clock that very day at a London hotel. She ran home, showered and picked out her sexiest outfit. Then she sat nervously on her sofa before it was time to go and work for the first time as a sexy escort in London. She arrived at the hotel on time and went straight to room 178 as instructed by the London escort agency. The new escort in London knocked on the door and nervously waited. The door was answered by a tall, good-looking guy. He was in his mid-thirties and well dressed. The fact that he was attractive was a bonus - this wouldn't even feel like work! He led her into the plush hotel room and offered her a drink. Inesa quickly felt at ease and found herself chatting away as he sat next to her and placed his hand on her knee. The sexy escort in London felt her pussy becoming wet from his simple touch and she couldn't wait for him to move his hand higher. His hand slowly ran up the inside of her thigh as he chatted to her about life in London.


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