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Blonde Call Girl is a Work of Art

He looked over his canvas at Louise. The blonde escort was his model, and she was naked. Whenever Gary wanted to paint a nude - and he rarely painted anything else - he rang up his favourite escort agency and got one of the girls to come around and pose for him. The blonde escort's hair was blonde and shoulder-length. Her large breasts sat remarkably upright for their size. The rest of her was physical perfection - she was slim, long-legged and had an ass to die for! Right now that ass was somewhat hidden as she continued to sit in her chair, trying to keep still. Her beautiful young breasts quivered slightly as she sighed. She was getting bored. Without even thinking, her hand moved down and her long fingers snaked between her legs. She began idly playing with her pussy. She caught Gary's eye, and blushed. "Sorry. Do you want me to stop?" His concentration vanished - another half-finished masterpiece. "Um, no," he said, "you just keep doing that..." He slowly walked over to the young escort girl, picking up a clean paintbrush on the way. The sexy blonde escort kept her deep blue eyes fixed on him as he walked over, her fingers never leaving her pussy. In fact, the escort's fingers were working harder now as she watched him, her breathing increasingly fast and shallow. She was obviously a girl who couldn't get enough - a true professional call girl. As always, the escort agency had done well. Carefully, he licked the tip of the brush so that it formed a point. Then, ever so slowly, he let it softly brush against Louise's erect nipples. Louise gasped and began to work her pussy harder. With her other hand she reached for his jeans and unbuttoned them. His long, veiny cock was soon in her hand. Pleasure soon began to flow through him. He'd heard from some of the other escort agency girls that young Louise was a handjob specialist and she was certainly providing evidence of this now! The blonde escort began to pump his shaft in long, flowing movements. A couple of times she stopped, lowered her head, and took the very tip into her mouth, teasing him with her OWO skills. But CIM wasn't her goal: she wanted him to come all over her. As she pumped, he dropped his paintbrush and began to use his artist's hands on her beautiful round tits. Resting his knees on the edge of her chair he squeezed and stroked them to his heart's content. He realised that the escort's breasts were very sensitive. All of the stimulation to her breasts - particularly her nipples - was making her breathe even faster. Her hand on his cock changed its stroke. She relaxed her grip a little, and made the strokes shorter and faster. Animal instincts took over and Gary began to thrust his pelvis as if he really was inside Louise's tight pussy. It was clear that both were on the brink of orgasm. Louise made one big final effort with both hands as she doubled the speed of Gary's handjob. They both came hard. As Louise gasped, Gary's cock twitched and sent a long stream of cum arching through the air between them. It spattered all over the call girl's neck and chest. Gary's knees gave out, and he knelt on the floor. Her client was completely out of breath but Louise wasn't done yet. Sitting back in her chair the sexy blonde escort raised her hands to her firm young breasts and began to massage them, rubbing Gary's cum into her skin, and occasionally lifting a droplet of it on a finger to her lips in order to taste it. Watching this, Gary was hard again in an instant. Taking her hand, he pulled her on to the floor. She lay beneath him on the cold tiles. In another instant he was inside her. She was well used to clients being ready for a second round after a session of oral but she'd never seen a recovery this quick before. Gary was deep inside her and pumping hard. The young escort knew she wouldn't be able to hold out long before she came again - this time harder than before. He clasped her tight arse in both hands, and began to pump like a jackhammer. She couldn't control her own response, and within seconds another orgasm was flooding the busty call girl's hot young body. Gary joined her as she felt his cock move inside her, pumping out yet more cum. They collapsed in a heap, exhausted.


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