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Stiff Assistance from Watersports Call Girl Natasha

Wearing a corset, high heels and nothing else, the watersports escort stood with her hands on the soft swell of her hips. Natasha shook her head, her soft brunette hair swishing around her beautiful face. 'It's true then,' she said. 'Yes,' he said, 'It's true. I can't get hard through conventional means.' The Polish escort smiled. She had kissed him, stripped for him, danced for him, held his cock in her hand, put his cock in her mouth. His cock was still entirely soft. Past experience told her that it wasn't anything that she was doing wrong. The sexy watersports escort was excellent at manual and oral relief, she was gorgeous and sexy. Most men got hard-ons just from watching her walk down the street. 'But there is something that I can do for you that will bring you to attention?' she said. 'Absolutely. Give me a golden shower. Piss on my dick and I will be hard as iron and ready to fuck you until you come.' 'Watersports are your trigger? I've never known anybody to be so into it that they can't even get stiff without being pissed on.' Natasha stepped over his prone body. The hot Polish escort felt little tremors running through her body. It was such a privilege to be able to give this man the means to his release. 'I can't even have a wank,' he said, 'You are quite literally saving my life. I think my balls will burst if you don't help me out.' The sexy, young escort felt her nipples harden. Natasha loved to give pleasure and knowing how vital she was to this man's release was a huge turn on. 'Well, let's see about emptying those balls for you,' said the watersports escort as she squatted over his flaccid cock. With a sigh, the South Kensington escort released the contents of her bladder. Golden piss splashed over his groin. He watched greedily as urine gushed from between her pussy lips. Her eyes widened and she laughed with joy when she saw his dick jump and then stiffen, almost instantly he was rock hard. He groaned and grabbed her slim waist, pulling her down onto his erection. Natasha guided him inside her tight, wet pussy. 'Oh wow!' she gasped, 'You are so hard!' The Polish escort's hips rolled back and forth as she fucked him, her thighs were slippery with the warm piss that covered his body. He moaned, tensing, visibly fighting the urge to come straight away. 'Don't hold back,' said Natasha, 'We've got time to do this again.' The sexy watersports escort watched her date give in to the pent up need, to the weeks of denial that had driven him almost crazy. His body twisted beneath her, his mouth open in a silent scream. She gripped with her slippery thighs whilst his hips bucked. His balls draining, cum pumping through his piss soaked, hard cock and into the watersports escort's pussy. Angels of London - See other hot escort girls in London


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